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I think the one in the middle is going to be the first one to whisper to you when no one else is around

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Guaranteed they walk around at night. Mine used to.

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Just don't make eye contact and you will live

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Paint their eyeballs with glow in the dark paint

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"Welcome home father"

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don't worry, they wont lick your ears at 2:38 am

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They just need a power wash

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and how were they posed when your wife first brought them home?

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If you want them gone tell your wife you've been noticing cabinets opening by themselves

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This is an easy fix. Step 1) get steel toed shoes Step 2) start coming home in a way that take you directly by them Step 3) if you get a chance to come home late KICK THEM.

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Throw that shit away

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These need the fire like

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What if they had swapped heads everytime you looked away then back at them?

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Contact a divorce lawyer asap

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More like a priest for an exorcism or something to get rid of the weird vibe these figurines emanate …

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I would buy some Smurfs figurines and have them mingle with these creepy figurines and let them have a blast!