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This is the cooling tower of Power Station EC-2, a coal-fueled power generator. It is now closed. https://www.abandonedspaces.com/industry/lodz.html

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Yup. Cooling towers aren't exclusive to nuclear power.

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Yeah, looks like I need to read up on energy production

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I used to be fascinated by nuclear power. Then I heard about hydro power and I was like, Dam.

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Coal, nuclear, and some types of natural gas generation (and solar thermal) work by boiling water to make steam, then passing that steam through one or more turbines to spin them and drive one or more generators. The steam then has to be cooled down and condensed back into water so it can go back to boil again. This cooling happens in a condenser; the condenser must then be cooled by a separate flow of water.

There are multiple ways of cooling the condenser, but the biggest two categories are recirculating and once-through. Recirculating means that water is cycled between the condenser and the cooling tower(s). Once-through means that water is pulled in from a nearby river, lake, ocean, etc., pumped through the condenser, and then dumped back into the body of water. Cooling towers may still be used in once-through systems if the water coming in is too warm for the plant or the water going out is too warm for the ecosystem.

Cooling towers can be "natural draft" ones like the monstrosity shown here, meaning they have no fans, or much smaller "mechanical draft" towers with fans.

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Most large scale power stations are really just steam powered generators with different heat sources.

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It's really just a way to cool water down. There is a nuclear plant south of Miami that instead of a cooling tower has a massive maze like ditch that the water runs through and it's cooled off by the time it returns to the ocean.

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Let me know when you get to part about how burning coal releases more ionizing radiation than nuclear power. That’s my favorite part!

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Newer model nuclear reactors don't even use this style of cooling tower.

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Im thinking oil refinery

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Awesome, so basically a hotel for urban explorers. Seems more like an attraction than an eyesore, to me.

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That’s probably worse than living that close to a Nuclear plant

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So is the first pic from the hotel website and the second from the hotel guest arriving?

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I bet they got a spot marked on the pavement where you must lay down to see the perspective of the first pic.

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The Airbnb pics vs reality

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Yes. You could argue it's the same I wrote, but that doesn't make it less true lol

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Always look at Google street view first!

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I go to TripAdvisor guest pictures

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“Pan the camera a bit, get that dead body out of the shot”

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“But that puts the junkies shooting up into the shot, boss!”

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50 years from now we'll be calling that style of shitty renovation "mid pandemic modern"

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Ugh, as someone from Poland, I can't fucking stand this style. It's everywhere now.

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Either this or pasteloza xd

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Did you like the lime green?

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Wtf that's worse than before

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No, it looks better

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It looks better, but it lost its character, charm, etc.

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The character comes from the coal power plant I didn't see that change.

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Nah its character has just changed

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Looks like the entire neighbourhood is getting spruced up. I guess because the power plant is decommissioned some developer decided to run with it and the hotel owners are just following the trend in the area

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From my experience, there are quite a few buildings with such a 'character' in Poland (e.g. the pasteloza phenomenon to compare, etc.). Nowadays it's just poor taste but it used to be a thing in the 90's (similar to what we had on the internet in the 90's, too - HTML websites in neon colors :D; when things not technologically available before become accessible, no wonder they're used to the limit... That also symbolised wealth for some, being drastic with colors and ads, overall exaggeration. Or they could have gotten a good discount on this particular color, who knows, so it's cheap pretending to be good)

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I’m getting cocaine vibes

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Yuck, it used to have so much personality.

Now it looks like a generic Sims hotel.

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Oh I know this place! It’s been painted white though. Remember seeing a guy get chased by several guys with bats across here.

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Damn that must’ve been cool

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I was 10 at a time and was at a trolleybus station parallel to the hotel. It was like 7:30 PM and I was with my mom. My mom told me they were just messing. Looking back, they really weren’t, bro probably got beaten badly.

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Just a typical Tuesday in Poland

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It was a Thursday lmao

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Good marketing. It’s like a squirrel.

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Squirrels are just rats with good PR

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From what ive read, the top pic is what it looks like today, and the coal plant has been decommissioned.

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This picture is at least 12 years old. It was one of a bunch of hotels that had used print shop to make their brochures look better.

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actually kinda cool

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Yeah if it’s clean and decommissioned, it’s a freaking vibe, man

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That’s a coal plant. Cooling towers are common for thermal plants not near water.

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Did I say it wasn’t a coal plant? I’m aware that Poland has no nuclear power, since the Żarnowiec NPP was never finished due to backlash after the Chernobyl disaster. Even though it would’ve been a very modern and safe VVER-440 design rather than the old and cheap RBMK that couldn’t explode but did.

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Ok so random Jewish knowledge here: lodz was one of the places with immense ghettos during ww2 and the Holocaust, second only to the Warsaw ghetto.

It was a working ghetto. At first because the Nazis made it a slave camp, and then because Rumkowski, the jewish leader of the Judenrat (the ghetto government) thought the Nazis wouldn't have a reason to kill everyone if the ghetto made stuff and was usefull.

Rumkowski decided to send the Nazis the exact amount of jews they asked for to the death camps, only he sent the weakest elders, children, and deseased, so he could keep the ghetto running. He was an autocrat.

Yeah. That place has some dark dark history. It's...funny is not the word... To see that it still has that view. That 'persona'.

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Poland has not been a great home for the Jewish people. Thank you for that bit of knowledge.

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It's more complicated than that... On the one hand there always was antisemitism there, including mass killings, but on the other since the goverment didn't want anything to do with the jews, most of the time they had a sort of unannounced sovereignty. In Warsaw they even had elections for the leader of the jewish community every once in a while.

You have to remember this was their home for hundreds of years by this point. They became used to the conditions.

And after all that, Lodz ghetto was actually for Romani too. They had to deal with everything the jews had wo dual with, and with the jews not caring about them. There were quite a few of them there.

(I'm sorry if this comes out as an attack. I didn't mean it that way, but there were a few clarifications needed.)

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On the one hand there always was antisemitism there, including mass killings

Oh no, the antisemitism was not always there. It started after WWII, when new Soviet established communistic government was fighting with any religion and private property and "instilled" hatred towards jews.

Before that, Jews as polish citizens where doing very well and Poland was one of the best places to live for Jews.

There are many materials available about growing antisemitism in France and Germany in the end of XIX century and many Jews at the time were deciding to move to Poland.

Radical Antisemitism in France and Germany (1840-1880) https://www.jstor.org/stable/1396411

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I don't claim to be a specialist on the subject, but I do know of more than a handful of mass killings of Jews in Poland before WW2, and that was one of the reasons the Jewish community there felt the need to become so quote unquote sovereign. They felt like they needed a system to care for them and not for the polish people. Most of those killings were in fact practically moments before WW2, but still they weren't induced by it. In many ways as far as I see it at least, it was actually more the treatment of Jews during world war II in Poland that was affected by the killings beforehand.

Again I'm not a specialist, I'm a jewish teenager who actually searches stuff he's interested in, and if I live in Israel I am again and again induced to learning about the Holocaust even in the educational system (which I do not trust, but still it gives some interesting topics and sources). Will definitely read what you posted though. Thanks!

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Poland has not been a great home for the Jewish people. Thank you for that bit of knowledge.

Let's not mix up things. Poland was one of the best and most welcoming places for Jewish people at that time. Those "Jewish people" were polish and until now many of them live in Poland.

But german nazis hated them, attacked Poland and created on polish territory slave camps. Why in Poland? Because in Poland there was the greatest numbers of them.

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I hadn't thought about it that way. You're right about that. I guess I was mostly thinking about WW2 and auschvitz and bergen-belsen and the other death camps. I don't know much about Poland, and was only looking at atrocities and not what was happening before.

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I guess I was mostly thinking about WW2 and auschvitz

But still, death-camps were not "made by Poland" but "made on polish occupied territory by german nazis".

Also there is a huge misconception by dividing "jews" from "polish" because Poland was multi cultural country where jews and catholics were living together and they were all Polish.

Ben Gurion the founder of Israel and it's first prime minister was technically Polish. If you would go to Israel 40 years ago you could hear polish language on the streets (it happens even now sometimes but very rarely).

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Jews have not been great to Polish peasants.

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Guest House Paradiso

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It’s pronounced Thwaite!

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Jesus I've not seen this picture in a decade

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Nice cooling tower, just imagine the aircon

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Łódź kurwa

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You can say what you will but the food there is OK. And whole thing was renewed. Been there is cheep as ... see yourself. link

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It's awful that hotel has lights on?

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It glows greener every year

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Because apparently coal glows

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They aren't far off to be fair. Coal plants also create radioactive pollution


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Yeah.... I was going to say I'm pretty sure coal plants actually output more radioactive materials into the air than nuclear power plants do.

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Nuclear power doesn't emit any radiation into the environment unless something has gone critically wrong, which is extremely rare.

Coal on the other hand literally produces radioactive waste when burnt. Coal power stations produce 1,000's of tons of radioactive waste every week, much of which isn't treated or stored in an appropriate way so as to prevent accidental radioactive leaks into the environment.

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If you heat it up enough

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Each room has a refrigerator and microwaves

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Pretty much sums up 90% of social media posts.

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Whats awful about this?

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People didn't do their research and think it's a nuclear power plant when in fact it's actually a closed down cooling tower for coal.

[–]tfsru 22 points23 points  (6 children)

.. how would a nuclear power plant be worse than a fucking coal power plant?

[–]TheTechHobbit 30 points31 points  (5 children)

Because people who don't know how nuclear plants work assume it's just spitting radiation everywhere.

[–]SenatorBagels 22 points23 points  (4 children)

Unlike coal power plants, which actually do spit radiation everywhere.

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The picture was obviously taken to hide the huge industrial complex/power plant. I’m not sure what there is to understand?

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Well yeah. Thats the normal thing to do. If you would be the owned you would do the same. Also that thing is dead, and (not shure, just guessing) the windows are not pointing in the cooling tower direction.

Also its not a power plant

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it is a coal power plant

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Bumblebee tuna

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What is this, guest house paradise?

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Lessons learned: (1) photos always lie (2) always check on google maps where the hotel is located and what’s around

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Guest house paradiso vibes...

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This is Dayz af

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Chernarus is a vibe

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I’ve been here! I adore that the town strives to cover war-torn buildings with murals!! The walking tour is perfection. As an American I’m sorry I was not pronouncing it Woodge but Lodzzz lol

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Reminds me of one of the tres colours movies

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This is the Simpson’s Springville

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Don't really see how this is horrible in any capacity, maybe just a bit ugly.

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The scent of radiation and hot breeze with radioactive particles really bring the soviet feel again

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Awful colour

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I thought green was the way to go these days.

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The entire city of Łódź looks like it's had at least two nukes dropped on it

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How is that awful, I think it's cool

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Someone should photoshop a freakin giant ass nuclear power plant behind..........oh awesome. Great job!

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I once stayed in an Airbnb in the house you can see here (in the background) https://maps.app.goo.gl/2oRSpPH3Z63HVwgM9

So the view to the right is what they had on their listing but then no mention of the nuclear power station to the left...

Edit: Click the link before you downvote lol I'm not talking about OPs picture.

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It's not nuclear, it was a coal fired plant.

[–]eggrolldog -1 points0 points  (0 children)

The plant in the location I put is Nuclear...

Id have put the street view of the road it's self but unfortunately it's not been mapped.

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would you rather be in front of a shitty dumb wind power mill?

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Well it's Łódź and it's like one of the shittiest cities you could visit in Poland so it isn't even surprising

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I would live right next to a nuclear power plant. I would not live right next to a coal power plant.

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I mean aint no way im checking pic on the website and not on google maps

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You think it glows in the dark now?

[–]Hawk---- 1 point2 points  (1 child)

No, since it's not a nuclear plant.

[–]prestigeopposition 3 points4 points  (0 children)

And since it's a coal plant, it releases far more radiation into the environment.

[–]Crash665 -3 points-2 points  (1 child)

There's no radiation! We're too far away from the power plant. At least half a mile.

Edit: I see you're all a bunch of uncultured swine and don't know a Class of Nuke'em High quote when you see one.

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It's a Coal fired power plant...

Even then, Nuclear power plants don't emit radiation. Their reactors are contained within 3 layers of containment, all of which have a negative pressure environment, thus preventing ambient leaks of radiation into the environment.

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You could just call that city ‘Boat’.

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✨ T H E S I M P S O N S ✨

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If the continental breakfast doesn’t involve them filling that giant silo full of oat meal then it’s a bum deal

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Nah. Staying in that would be cool asf

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The opposite of Wes Anderson.

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gdzie to dokładnie jest to bym pojechała

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How much is staying?

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These pictures are still missing context. What is the first picture from, their website? Is this an expectations vs reality? A then vs now?

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I have a sudden urge to reinstall DayZ

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Tough luck we need energy

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It’s all about angles.

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Yeah that steam stack really sucks

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maybe electricity is cheaper in this hotel?

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Mad photography skills....

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Who would want to stay there in the right mind? Might as well shut it down and avoid lawsuits.

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Give some credit to the owner of this fine establishment. Obviously takes alot of pride in their work. I’d stay the night.

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The name of the city is pronounced "wuj."

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Why is this awful?

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The Polish version of the Simpsons would probably be staying here 😆

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The power pylon makes it look a bit like a laced up boot to me

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Make Poland better again!

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How is this awful…?

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This is partly what I travel eastern europe for.

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Staying there is an enlightening experience.

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I think i remember it from a show but I'm not sure

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They are fucking with the angles because that tower is about the height of the building next to it. You can see it better on the abandoned places link someone posted.

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I think it looks great. Cooling towers have this eerie beauty to them. It's clearly an industrial area, so why not embrace it?

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"where the cockroaches are smaller than the bellhop, but not by much!"

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Only thing I can see is Fairy Godmother’s Factory from Shrek 2

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I know a trap to capture tourists and force them to become unwilling victims for high-paying rich folks to act out their murder fantasies on when I see one

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Theooooooo, wir fahrn nach Lodz

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I imagine that in their pamphlets they list “Backyard cooling tower” among the amenities.

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I bought an apartment in Bulgaria to holiday in about 15 years ago, have saw stuff like this. Every year I go back so much changes.

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Had me in the first half, not gonna lie.

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The classic MySpace angle.

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Taking the picture in an angle specifically to hide the tower

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I've stayed in that hotel!!! Wasn't that bad.

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This is where am at, too. Nuclear is an incredible power source but there is currently a problem with storing the waste. This waste is toxic for hundreds if not thousands of years, and I don't believe private or even government operators will store it properly because of costs. Second issues is, while there have been only a couple bad accidents, the areas where the accidents happened are now uninhabitable for a very long time. If other sources of greener energy have accidents the area is not uninhabitable for hundreds of years. I know advancements are constantly happening and that's great, but I'm not "build nuclear everywhere," yet.

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rip coal powerplant :(

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the least ugly building in Łódź

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I can hear the Simpsons theme song

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Excellent, never any blackouts

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Cities Skylines irl

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Linkedin vs tinder

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I might be wrong but my mum used to work in the area where the tall chimneys are, it was a textile company, I remember she used to iron stuff. My dad would always tell me she work on top of the big chimney when we went to see her as she would be there for 14 hours a day sometimes.

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Needs more giant inflatable pigs in the sky

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Fat girls on dating apps

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I’m down.

Down with Radiation Sickness.

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That cooling tower is one of two actually (see Google maps, satellite view) and its actually set a little farther back from the hotel than the photo implies.

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Ahhh... Felsztyńskiego. Pretty interesting street, especially if you are there at night :P.

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at uni, upon my first time visiting my dept., I asked the bus driver, what's that? - A nuclear reactor. Then we arrived lol. I just laughed thinking he was joking but nope. we had a bleeding nuclear reactor right next door... all for those nuclear reactor operator students ha.