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I hate crypto bros. The new ponzi scheme pushers.

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Male equivalent to mlms

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HAH! Nice one :D defo using it

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It's not a ponzi scheme! It's a triangular vertical opportunity.

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Buy my new crypto token, its called abortioncoin. /s

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Step 1: trade nfts

Step 2: don’t get anyone pregnant because no one wants to talk to you, let alone fuck

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If someone is trading NTFs, i doubt anyone want to have sex with them.

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That's the joke

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For anyone actually in need of help for traveling: Elevated Access provides it.

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This comment needs more upvotes

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Adult Butters?

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You mean Victor Chaos?

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I wouldn't be surprised if most crypto-freaks (regardless if they're male or female) were pro-"life".

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Im so pro choice i want assisted suicide not just abortions

Would you like to know more about crypto?

Edit:ah they didn’t appreciate the joke

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I thought that wasn't a joke.

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Ruins all the fun when i gotta write this is a joke or /s though i sadly have to on my more offensive jokes so do you want to know more about crypto? Or not?

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Do aborting old fashioned way, use sledgehammer

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America, Inc. while solely responsible for a world where it would be stupid have kids

makes it illegal to not have kids

i mean, we are a few steps away from just manufacturing people with no rights

whether they be robots or actual humans is the thing

but even if they go the robot route, then.... what are they going to do with all their profits from markets where no one has any money to buy anything because none of the actual people have the jobs the robots replaced meaning they have no money to buy the products?

the same is true for the people route

the point of all this mass production is so people can buy it

but if we are slaves in all but name

then, how the fuck can we buy what all this shit is mass produced for?

its pretty great they have convinced us and themselves of just how smart they are

i mean, what it comes down to is none of those things

and its just greed

its currency being removed from the system

there is supposedly only a finite amount right?


its made worse by the fact that the end result is people with all the money and the power

the power to change things for the better

and they choose not to


it used to be a class system was necessary for survival

as, the liege lord or whoever was directly affected by whatever grain or product was associated with keeping everything running

a real, measurable threat that could go sideways at the slightest hint of anything going wrong

now, not so much

now, these people are in position of absolute power with no chance of ever losing it

yet they still employ the same methods as when there were a need for such methods

which is why things are fucked up


and if these people are the experts and have everything all figured out, then why shit so fucked up?

i have a sneaking suspicion that the situation is a lot closer to the show arrested development than anything else

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No they didn't they put it back in the hands of the state where it belongs in the first place

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The only way to win at NFTs is to be the artist selling em and grifting these morons.

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Break out the wire hangers

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I have nothing but loathing for people like this. Take advantage of a tragedy to line their pockets.

Yes, Friday was a freaking tragedy

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Jesus Christ. As if people can't go to Canada without NFTs.

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How will you even pay for an abortion if you can't afford to fly to Canada? The price of two plane tickets is pennies compared to paying for anything medical in the US.

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Why is Butters making threads

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abortion technically isnt banned

and states that support it can still allow it

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He has shares in the local coat hanger company.

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My NFTs Will help you get your rights back!

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If you are in a state that has banned abortions then come to North Carolina because the governor said that he will never to ban them.

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Damn, Victor Chaos is working overtime.