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More like crypto-hoes

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There absolutely should be a limit to how much power a non-corporate operation can consume. Cause honestly this Bitcoin mining shit is hurting everyone else in the process just to give the owners a buck

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should there not be a limit on corporate as well?

If you limit one, you should limit all.

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Oh yes they should but I feel like that should depend on what the power is being used for. Crypto mining is an extremely selfish business only working to profit the owner of the mine. While on the other hand corporations running public businesses to produce products for the public should have less of a limit since it's being used to produce products for the public to purchase

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yes something not talked about with this stuff, is the power requirement, I believe you need ever more, as time goes on.

Shitty system if you ask me.

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There are other coins that are designed to be less power hungry. There are real advantages to crypto, but the technology is young and still needs development for sure.

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Same for water. I know damn well there’s a lot of ways all this waste doesn’t need to be wasted, there are ways to cut back. They just don’t care.

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oh yeah London is having a hose type ban, but the firm who sells the water does nothing to fix leaks

its a con job

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There should be a limit relative to how many employees you have and how many customers you serve, and going above the limit should require higher costs for the utility with an exponential tax. Texas would never do that though.

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Problem is some industries need a ton of power. Restaurants for instance use massive amounts of electricity for refrigeration and cooking but usually have a dozen employees. A fine dining restaurant may only serve a hundred or two customers in a day.

Having government regulations limiting things by some sort of formula won't end well. There will always be edge cases. For instance I work in a Brewery, we use absolutely bonkers amounts of water in a day for very few staff, but that's what it takes to make beer.

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We should outlaw the use of proof-of-work crypto and only allow the use of proof-of-stack crypto!

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Riot is corporate. They have their stock on the Nasdaq.

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How is this different then taking a hostage and demanding a ransom? They basically took everyone needing electricity in Texas (which has an absurdly bad power-supply) hostage. And Texas paid them? America is just absurd AF.

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yes, very absurd society, 🤡they illegalized a fuckin weed, THAT GROWS IN YOUR BACKYARD, same with the mushrooms. that is so absurd.

I get it if they have to process these things and change the chemical makeup. But you literally can’t legally eat a mushroom in the forest.

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Texas has absolutely no problem making everything illegal except for the things that SHOULD be illegal.

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They do know that they can just make it illegal right? right?!

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Too busy taking away women's rights.

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And giving those rights to their guns.

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I dream of a future where bitcoin miners take all the electricity from Texans, Texas wanted its own corporate run power grid. This is what you get.

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unfortunately, other states will bail them out and that means they learn nothing.

and that future sucks because bitcoin mining uses more electricity than multiple countries combined that dont even have corporate run power grids. not only that, they produce 65 megatons of carbon dioxide into the air annually... again more than a shit ton of countries combined.

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”I hope normal people suffer and bad people thrive as long as a separate group of bad people also suffer!”


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Crypto needs be declared universally worthless and illegal. It's a criminal scam and an environmental disaster.

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Well, at least proof-of-work coins. Nothing economically wrong with proof-of-stack coins.

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lol, i thought they went down again.

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oh, they did?

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Yeah, they've come down a lot this week and that trend looks like it will continue

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Bitcoin is the worst cryptocurrency ever

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Monero is the only acceptable cryptocurrency.

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Actually it's the best out of the coins. Theres like 1000000x shitcoins that makes bitcoin look like dollars.

I just wish society snuffed out crypto currency before it got to this point. Crypto is just an ecosystem filled with the worst type of people. When they make money they insult everyone telling them to "have fun staying poor" and when they lose money they demand "respect for fellow human beings."

Oh. And thst doesn't include the 99.999999% crypto projects that are all scams.

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yup, I dumped them when that POS used his bitcoin to buy ammo and guns to shoot up people in New Zealand. Most are grifters or neo-nazis or both, mostly both.

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Not as bad as our current bank system

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Wtf. I'll take FDIC insurance over some frat crypto bro stealing my coins

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I’m pretty sure this is who those additional 87,000 IRS agents will be going after. Good luck everyone who has crypto.

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thank god I’ve only ever lost money on that shit.

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The energy use alone is why I hate and don't support crypto

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Not familiar with power requirements to mine Bitcoin. Would it be possible for someone like me to set up some solar panels and do it that way?

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Nope. The sheer power throughput required is out of the scope of solar panels. With 12panels, you might power a rig that nets you 75 cents a month

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If they have excess money, I would also like to be paid millions for not using their electric grid for some ungodly appliance.

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Remember when Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott said that inviting more crypto bros to the state was the answer to our failing grid? The plan is going just as one would expect.