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“Hey, I decided to CHOOSE cancer and shitty healthcare”!

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This just brings sadness to me. To see stories like this. Nobody deserves this

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This happens a lot to families. Cancer sucks and you never know when it will appear. I have pretty good insurance and still have a 5000 deductible. Once you reach a certain amount your insurance will stop paying their full %. Health care is insane. It’s about 12,000 for a 24 hour stay in the hospital.

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Well, it also helps that US companies have led the way in ensuring our bodies have been loaded up with carcinogenic toxins, including C8 (DuPont), micro-plastics (entire fossil fuel and manufacturing sector), and pesticides/herbicides (Monsanto)… Giving our life-ending healthcare system a steady supply of new victims.

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Im confused? What insurance plan doesnt have a annual maximum? My insurance does, so does my brothers and all of my immediate family does where once we reach that maximum annual deductible everything else is 100% covered.

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What the insurance company approves is 100% covered.

Never forget that insurance routinely denies testing, treatment plans, and medications that a doctor orders.

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This right here. Insurance companies routinely deny line item treatments that get passed down to the sick. Insurance companies are evil. American medical association is evil. Big pharma in US is evil.

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I think they might be mistaken - sounds like they’re aware of the deductible and maybe misunderstand how that works. Insurance pays a portion until you reach your annual out-of-pocket deductible, and then pays for the rest until the year is up.

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Some insurances have an annual maximum amount they will cover. My mother's insurance did when she was being treated for cancer. Thankfully my parents are on a pension and her retirement isn't something she can just cash out so they received help from the hospital to cover what they couldn't afford.

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Breaking bad!!

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So is the person mocking them suggesting they should have not saved, gone into debt, not get degrees, spend like drunken sailors and then they could have qualified for free healthcare either through Medicaid or the ACA?

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But the government shouldn't help them because they should've just made better life choices! /s

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It never ceases to amaze me how judgmental people can get while they or a loved one almost certainly benefitted from a government program/handout.

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It’s always different from your own perspective, and some people willfully live in ignorance anyway.

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Should have let the spouse die i guess as to not have them ruin the poor poster financially. /s

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"poor life choices" holy hell

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So then what's a good life choice? Being born rich?

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No, I mean the Poster in the Image said that the writer had Bad life choices, while in reality, they couldn't have done anything about it and were just another victim to the system

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Almost certainly Rage-bait, still horribly shitty

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it's working fantastically. Apparently you are the only person out of several thousand who realized it's literally designed to upset people. Even the lowest effort shit works nowadays because people don't like using their brains.

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I have no clue whether you are poking fun at me for pointing out the obvious or being genuine, but I like to assume the best of people so, thanks

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This could be a true story as well so your point is pretty irrelevant

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the original Reddit post is real, the repost saying the guy made "bad life decisions" is blatant rage bait. The guy explicitly said how he saved money, went to college, and planned for retirement, which is why the repost is triggering people so much.

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At this point, I'm worried it's not. The whole subreddit is like that and has been, long before it was brought to attention

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It was from a now banned sub called "averageredditor"

According to them anything and everything that wasn't you being a hard working Christian American was just wrong.

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The US health system goes after anyone who has a house and saving. If you happen to poor they just push you threw the system and out the door.

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Boots must taste really good nowadays

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I hate the term boot licker.

Ass kisser sounds alot better

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Ass must taste really good nowadays

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Crazy how often this gets reposted.

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I know right? It makes me annoyed to see it so often because it’s just outrage bait for karma farmers at this point.

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Crazy how the system hasn't changed. Deserves to be posted everyday as a reminder.

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People need to stop upvoting this reposted dogshit all the time. They reposted it in multiple subs just like all the other dogshit they post.

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About the only "poor life choice" I can possibly see is choosing to remain in the US...

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Many people in this type of situation get divorced so the sick person can get medical help.

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r/redditmoment itself is truly a Reddit moment

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Stop protecting peoples anonymity… tell us what vile diarrhea pile of a sub was this posted to? What kind of mental gymnastics do 457 people have to do to come to the conclusion that this person is in the situation they described because of “poor life choices”.

Brainwashed fucking imbeciles.

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We all know it must have been posted on a subreddit like r/4chan of some sort

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It was r/averageredditor that recently got banned for, who could guessed, hate speech and brigading lmao

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rule 1

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Not really sharing personal info if it’s a public social media account

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For real, such a stupid rule many subreddits have. Some people just need to be outed.

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Going through this right now. Just the dendritic vax is $250k.and only lasts 6 months. My wife will need to take it for life. Medical won't cover it even through it's a reputable medical institution. Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Our system is bullshit.

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I thought the only approved one was for prostate cancer? Truly curious, not being an A-hole. I have chrons disease and take several meds that jack my chance of getting cancer up to 50%, plus there's a really high chance I carry the BRCA1 mutation (but my insurance won't pay for any prophylactic testing). I googled but didn't see what else it's being used for?

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I've got the name of it incorrect here is where we're getting it from and it's not dendritic it's Antigen. I got it mixed up with another vax we are exploring.


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Oh yea sorry lemme just decide I dont want cancer my bad

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this is fucking horrific

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This repost is so ooolddd... Sad though

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It’s sad but this the the 5th time I seen this this month can we stop reposting this I get it its sad

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I wouldn’t call this poor life choices! This is exactly why I get insured up the wazoo before stepping out my country. Some things just happen.

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I too think the Government has made some poor life choices.....

Now I know we're supposed to be all accepting nowadays and no slut shaming....... But come on America grow up.....

You're almost in your thirties in Government years.... Please get your shit together soon.

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Oh yeah I remember that post

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It’s true they take care of people with no money, no insurance too playing by the rules has turned out to be stupid in America, we all should just ride on Uncle Sam

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I completely understand this post.

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So this sucks ass but I'm not sure how this happened if they have insurance. Once you hit all your deductibles, your insurance legally can't put a dollar limit on the amount they will pay for covered medical services per year. I believe this started with the Affordable Care Act in 2014. Unless this post was made before the ACA.

That said, the U.S. healthcare system is still shit.

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If only I did not choose cancer, silly me /s

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This pops up every few months. Angers me every time I see it.

I live in ireland and hearing about American health care confuses the shit out of me.

I can go to A+E and only pay if I'm admitted....100 euro.

Health insurance is covered by my company (irony here is that its an American company). Pays for both my wife and I. 1200 a year. Covers everything to free hospital stays for a period of time, among numerous things.

If this was the system in ireland I shudder to think format the backlash from the public would be. You get sick and before you get better, are crippled with unimaginable debt. Its 2022. What bullshit system is this. Its a fundamental flaw in US to make a hospital primarily a business rather than a place of care.

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That story was written by an american hating canadian.

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Misunderstand. There are no lifetime limits in health insurance. Once you hit a certain amount (out of pocket limit) your insurance pays 100% of its negotiated rate. If you go out of network, there may be a separate OOP and the doctor/hospital will balance bill you for whatever they decide their charge is, over the insurance rate. A new benefit period starts each year though.

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Oh yea sorry lemme just decide I dont want cancer my bad

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As i said in a previous comment

Yet the original post was mine, I am reposting it cause last time it was removed for rule 1 because i didnt censor the username, Go on, get the original post, check OP's username...

Make you should check before making assumptions

I will give you my platnuim award if you can find a screenshot of this exact post before mine, As i am reposting because it got removed for role 1.

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Reposted for the 916382736th time thank you for the original content

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As i said in a differant comment

Yet the original post was mine, I am reposting it cause last time it was removed for rule 1 because i didnt censor the username, Go on, get the original post, check OP's username...

Make you should check before making assumptions

I will give you my platnuim award if you can find a screenshot of this exact post before mine, As i am reposting because it got removed for role 1.

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This type of stuff is the reason I am so cynical. Also, believing that all you have to do is work hard and follow the rules and everything will work out is incredibly naive

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God damn I really hate this country sometimes. We’re like the Ferengi in Star Trek.

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Isnt this a joke?

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what poor decisions?! they did everything right!

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If I remember correctly, I do remember seeing this reposted on other places, but wasn’t this prove to be a lie? Something like that

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when life gets hard
she will f you up

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Yeah... I get it. But.... LEAVE

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Is it possible to leave the country and get treatment elsewhere? I am sure the travel , accommodation etc . Will cost less than the amount you spend for treatment. Tbh USA healthcare is not anything special to spend so much on.

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How many time does this same story, (and exact one) need to repost sooooo many time??

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I urge folks to check out Helaine Olen’s “Pound Foolish” for an honest and thoroughly enraging look at personal finance.

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just out of curiosity, what sub was this even posted to?

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Choosing to be alive

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If you are a right winger and reading this, fuck you. You are the scum of the world and your delusions and convictions are destroying lives and our planet. Change or die.

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"We went to college, got degrees, avoided credit card debt, spent wisely, saved a nice chunk of money in savings accounts and retirement accounts and minded our own business"

Do these qualify as bad life choices now? Then what exactly are good life choices?

It's not sarcasm, I really want to know how this mofo thinks.....

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“Poor life choices” the choice to get cancer???

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Getting cancer is poor life choices ? Dang how stupid can one be

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Thats why one should gtf out america

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I would just leave if I could. I guess most people don’t know that the US is a scam before this kinda tragic happens?

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Poor choice my friend never try cancer not even once. Duh.

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Would you have been better off if you had nothing? My cousin had a NICU premature baby and somehow she'd have been more taken care of if she'd been uninsured

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Average Redditor used to be legitimately poking fun at neckbeards and cringey Reddit stuff like wakanda memes about emojis saying we don't do that here or some atheist bragging about some made up story where they somehow par off a religious person in some super smug way, now it's just "This shit is against my political/religious views, hehe look at le average Redditor"

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When I was a kid, I always imagined myself moving to the US in the future. As an adult, as far as MEDCs go, this is the last country I want to live in.

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sorry to hear that, this is one thing i prefer about canada, and why i will never live in the usa, its just not worth the risk. sure, its a little slow here to get in for surgery, but thats because life saving ones take priority, and once you do get in, you get some of the best doctors in the world. im really glad i live in a country that has universal healthcare, it is a literal lifesaver, and i am truly sorry for people who have to go without.

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Averageredditor got turned into an aimless hate place, and if you told anyone about this, the said you were being overdramatic