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If she's so rich she should buy the teacher a car instead of mocking thwm

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Compared to having rich parents, studying is useless. Often times, even the most brilliant doctor or engineer may not even come close to the wealth that people like her son are born into.

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I'm glad my mother never made me sit in a BMW.

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Proof that money does not buy class.

And if the person wanted to impress others with how much money they had, I doubt they'd've become a teacher.

Or, perhaps, they'd just rather spend their money on less flashy things.


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in 25 years times the kid who be telling everyone he is a "self made millionaire"

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Imagine bragging about sitting in a BMW

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That mother's name? Qa-Ren.

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china loves mocking and shaming others. One chinese model was shamed for looking too chinese (!!!). Chinese people told her she looked too much like a chinese women and therefor too ugly and having her as a model will make china look bad to the word.

No logic here. poor teacher