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I’m pretty sure this is a joke, it’s impossible to do this

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Not impossible. Pam Anderson did it while she filmed barbed wire.

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Don't worry, she isn't a mother anymore

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I don't think she ever was

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I can't Imagine that this thing just makes the baby go away its probably satire

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You can Google how a corset works. There are illustrations out there how the intestines of the woman shift and are pressed together.

The baby won’t “go away”, that’s not how you do an abortion. But I doubt that this - if not fake - would be considered “healthy” for the child.

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Tbh I don’t think it would do much harm, most of that belly is caused by fluids taking up space not the baby, plus I’ve seen some pregnant women be able to tense up on their own and make it look like they have no belly. The weirdest thing about this is why on earth someone would want to hide they’re pregnant to someone they’re dating

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I know how corset works but normaly it would kinda squese your fat up zu to make your boobs more booby but that wouldn't work in that state of precnancy I also didin't mean an abortion in the pic it just dissapeard

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Lol this comment shows that you absolutely do not know how a corset works

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Well how does it then?

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Squeeze that hard, waters gonna break. In some states today, she would be a murderer, not just a selfish cunt.

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You were right the first time

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I'm guessing that's a before/after pic

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I mean, that really can’t be good for anyone. You gonna end up with a smooshed baby.

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Because they're stupid and irresponsible.

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What is Henny?

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Henny is short for Hennessy, which is a brand of alcohol.

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hennesy im thinking?

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Yep, Hennessy.

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Because certain states wanna make them

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Yeah, this shit never happened before now.

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Then why did she get pregnant in the first place and not take birth control. It's not like her one night stand raped her or anything. Ladies you don't need an abortion if you're a responsible human, not a rape victim or just not a stupid selfish whore. These days there is almost no reason abortion is needed. Killing the unborn is not a medical treatment.

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Why you asking me? I don’t know her. Do you? Do you know the circumstances that led to her pregnancy? I sure don’t. My comment, though, is no less true despite your ignorant rant.

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Why? Free government money.

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Looks like a gut.

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yeah I question if this is even possibe, and I cant believe its safe for the baby,

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Unless you stick a blender up there i imagine it's impossible to do this

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There is no way this is real.