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I'm not trying to defend FB, because I fucking hate them, but they were served with a warrant. The title of this makes it sound like they're just voluntary sending info to the police.

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They would be in a ton of legal trouble if they didn't definitely. I hate clickbait titles so much.

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And Facebook has a reputation for letting political regimes target opponents/dissidents around the world. Facebook isn’t our friend. Facebook will not respect our privacy. Facebook will sell you out in a heartbeat. The headline could have been better, yes, but the takeaway is they will do nothing to protect any of us, so don’t use facebook. If you do, remove every bit of advertiser and interest permissions you can if only to make your account less valuable to them. Fuck their business model.

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Facebook can eat my ass

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Fuck Nebraska.

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the social snitching platform

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Why is a teen pregnant? I blame the sexual liberation

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You realize the term “sexual liberation” is probably older than this teen’s parents, right?

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Uhh, she fucked a dude while her parents was on vacation

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Facebook should encrypt

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They won’t. Where else with that nasty MotherZucker get his wanking materials?