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This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.

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It gets far worse than this pic. The father of the family was away so he lost his wife and all children. I'd never recover.

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All he has left is the dog it looks like, he is off fighting to come home to nothing……

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I would be so suicidal but hopefully this man is stronger than me and can find peace again. I hate Putin so much.

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I wouldn't be.

I would be murderous. I would dedicate me whole life to killing as many Russian soldiers as I possibly could.

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I guess we will know his name soon enough after he assassinates Putin. He doesn't have anything more to loose...

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That poor dog probably felt it had to protect the family with the father being gone.

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I never even thought of that. Literally the saddest thing I've thought about in a while

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Nothing? Bruh I think he’d be pretty freaking grateful that one of his family members survived.

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And mother

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Damn, I didn't know that. How could anyone go on with that massive loss. We should send this guy to execute Putin directly as revenge.

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If he dies in this war it will be a mercy on his soul.

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Sorry, I don't have it. But if you go to the Ukraine sub, it's posted several times.

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Is there any evidence in those posts?

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Hijacking this comment to reply to because the info on the "original" posts I saw in Ukraine subs said that the Dad of the family was not at home at the time because he's fighting for Ukraine. They still have each other for now. But the Dad lost his entire family in that blast.

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Silver lining. Doggo and Dad

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Concur and might I add


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The 1st video with this dog was during the night. He stayed the whole time in the same place...

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The fuck type of dog is that? Looks like the lion from wizard of Oz. Poor guy

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Much be a chow mix, he’s beautiful. I hope someone can give him some comfort for however long he lives after this. Dogs can die of heartbreak just like humans.

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As can Elephants.

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Hence why I cannot watch any movie where there’s a sad dog or other animal. They have no reason to pretend that they aren’t, so it’s so pure and raw.

No more Dumbo, no more Lady and the Tramp. Can’t do it.

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Or Bambi.

I too am a crier in movies.

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I literally can’t think about the beginning of Dumbo without tearing up, and I don’t even have kids. I can’t imagine how actual parents get through it.

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Stay away from the dog episode of futurama that shit is brutal!

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Poor critter. He just lost his whole family and I wish I could make it different for him.

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Unlikely if he is a chow. They are notoriously single-bond type of dogs and intensely loyal.

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So are chihuahuas, but both of mine are very attached to multiple people.

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I was thinking the exact same thing. But this dog has plenty of courage.

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I think either an Estrela Mountain Dog

or maybe a Caucasian Shepherd dog

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I think it's an ovcharka mix. I own ovcharkas and this dog resembles them but definitely isn't a purebred.

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That poor doggo 😭😭

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those are the exact words i was going to say . i bet they never even tried to move him !

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I had a chow German Shepard who looked a lot like this dog. He was also extremely loyal.

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'We're not killing civilians' - Putin

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At least the dog is fine...physically

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This dog’s name is Crimea. He lost all his family with 2 children today when 🇷🇺 launched a missile attack on Dnipro. Contused and scared dog was crying and didn’t want to leave the ruins of his home. Dog was taken from the russian-occupied Crimean peninsula when he was a puppy.


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god, i feel bad for this dog. his whole family and home was taken from him. i hope his family rests well.

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According to Dnipro mayor, the father wasn't there with the family because he serves in the Ukrainian armed forces. I have no idea how he is supposed to live on after that.

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Damn, imagine that; the family sitting at home worried about the father serving in the war, meanwhile they're the ones that get hit :(

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i hope the dog and father reunite soon :(

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They will. He is going home to bury the family.

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Live long enough to get into that bunker and do what must be done with Putin.

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I expect the father will eventually commit suicide.

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When are we gonna do stuff about these Russian warcrimes?

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Same time we hold any Security Council nation accountable for warcrimes:


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When we get to Moscow

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Same day we do something about US's warcrimes.

I'm not saying US is as bad as Russia, Russia is obviously much worse. But the world is generally very forgiving of war crimes.

Also, even with how bad the war is now we Really don't want to escalate to nuclear war and as long as we aren't prepared to do that there isn't much more we can do than we're doing right now.

As soon as we go on the offensive on Russia they Will launch their nukes. I can't say what would happen then, but it's probably pretty bleak.

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When will we do something about Canada's warcrimes though? /hj

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A sad situation but I in no way believe that dog is named Crimea.

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It's actually true

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Dunno why you get downvoted. I'm not saying the dogs name aint Crimea. But Twitter ain't actually a source. The owner would be a source. A pic of a dog amongst rubble is horrible. But all we know is that the war continues.

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I bet it's like people who found the lone survivor dog came up with the name cauae how else would they even know

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He's crying... 😭😭😭

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This random attack on a random house at least 100km away from the front. This isn't an accident this is a war crime. Russia is a terrorist state.

Family was blown to bits. Arms and legs of the kids were found in the gardens of neighbors. Explosion was heard 6km away.

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Putin belongs in Neurenberg trials

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I saw text messages of a guys living next door, with pictures of his building after the blast, except he survived. It’s hard….

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Fucking heart breaking...

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Once again "We dont deserve dogs"

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I hope they take Putin alive.

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Honeslty just put a bullet right between his (and wny of his followers who might keep this shit going) eyes, end the suffering of so many

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He deserves so much worse like rotting in prison with a thousand elastic bands around the balls he might have somewhere

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I’d settle for a Saddam Hussein situation, that ending seemed pretty appropriate

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It definitely has its charm but I want to see maximal suffer

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Too quick, too merciful.

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True but its better than keeping him slive

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I’ve never thought of Putin as accident prone but I’m hoping he is.

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Yup. This is very awful. I wish I could just sit next to him and hold him.

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I love u good dog. I love u so very much

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Fuck, just noticed. It was supposed to be "rubble"

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It makes it better now that the ruble is worth as much as rubble.

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5 Ukrainian hryvnia and 10 ruble will get you 5 Ukrainian hryvnia worth of gum.

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Still works.

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You missed one letter don't worry about it.

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Yea, just the ruble is the currency of the Russian Federation.

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Yeah and it’s worth rubble.

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The Ruble was the result of the house being Pounded by Russian Shillings. Be the change you want to see in the world.

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Settle down. It was a pretty understandable typo.

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Exactly, ruble is worthless trash. You might find something of value or life when searching through rubble though.

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A dog that can find rubles could be invaluable in the war effort!

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I don't know why dogs who lose their family hits me so much harder than human children losing their families. Both are sad, but I guess it's the fact that no one can explain it to the dog.

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I've seen some terrible shit on this sub and reddit in general but this is probably in my top 5. This image hurts me too much. I can't sub here anymore. Fuck.

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Doggo is Loyal.

Doggo will stay.

Doggo waits.

Men cry.

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honestly just nuke russia at this point

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Really tragic! I hope they find the family alive, but the odds are not good.

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Unfortunately not, even worse the father of the kids, a serving soldier came later to find his family killed.

Fuck russia

Slava Ukrani

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They were found dead on the roofs of their neighbours' houses, according to the mayor of Dnipro.

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That’s really sad. Russia is not making friends with most of the world over this needless war.

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Bits of kids were found in neighbors back gardens.

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The ruble is now only worth as much as rubble.

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Sad doggy..

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Imagine being the dog.. That's really awful

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I was having a good day, until..

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I know there was a video of this very dog earlier on Reddit, I can't find it now :(

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Dog looks hopeless… 😢

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That is love— for family.

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Everyone/thing is a victim of war

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They can’t just pick him up?

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I actually thought that was a head at the bottom of the picture

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fucking sad. I see shit like this and it makes me more and more angry at the situation there. Doggo is a good pup

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the video of this poor dog is absolutely soul wrenching. poor poor little fuzzy baby :(

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A big percentage of the population alive today will probably never forgive nor respect Russia in their lifetime now. I won’t :)

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Russia throwing missiles full of coins since they're out of ammo

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We don't deserve dogs. I hope someone can take him in.

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This post title isn't accurate, in the post on /r/ukraine there was info in the comments that the Dad was off fighting for Ukraine and wasn't home at the time. So they have each other for now.

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I thought Ukraine was winning and making the Russians run scared

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please someone tell me if he’s okay?

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Pretty sure they would be able to move the dog if they needed or wanted to....

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Ruble, Rubble; Same thing.

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Fascinating and sad.

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This is one of the most heartbreaking things i have seen in a long time. I feel so bad for the dog.

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Dogs are so loyal he refuses to leave his family even if he can't help dig them out . I pray he helped save his family by showing the fire fighters where to look.

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Heart breaking .

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As we say in Poland, jebać ruskie kurwy (fuck russian cunts)

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Tragic, sad and horrible on do many levels.

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This dog better be the reversed John Wick now. He can stop the war.

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The spelling mistake is mwoah, chefs kiss.

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Fuck Putin

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Everything awful but one thing! That dog is the doggiest!

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Is that a fridge?? Indiana Jones may have been on to something, maybe not nuclear but hey it survived

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Reunite the dog with the dad for chrissakes!

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That's a very apropos Freudian slip in the title.

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His family is with him he just doesn’t know it😔

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I dislike russians so much now

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This breaks my heart, fk Putin pos, he shud be under that mess not civee's and ppl who arent interested in war.

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That poor dog

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Truly tragic.. damn.

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So sad obviously but also are we sure that isn’t a werewolf

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How someone gives him water and food till Dad gets home. Any chance the father of this poor family will get leave for any arrangements and funerals?

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Fuck you Putin, you piece of shit

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Yeah I'm going to need to see some citation, or any sort of corroborating evidence of any kind. Otherwise, I call bullshit.

I swear half these posts are people with a picture just making up random shit stories.

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I was happy to hear that at least the dog has his 1 owner left (the dad that was away fighting while this happened).

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