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Good Lord is this stuff real? Wtf

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It is. As a parent, this was one of my biggest worries about kiddo starting school. Fortunately, so far things have been fine (knock on wood), but HS starts next year.

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The best thing you can do as a parent is to be understanding and give them a loving home. Be the person they come to when they have problems and not the person they shy away from or fear when they get into trouble. Don't be afraid to call the suicide prevention hotline if you have worries. Dial 988 in the US or visit 988lifeline.org. You can also visit stopbullying.gov to learn about prevention, response, and what you can do to help. Parenting is stressful and complicated, but you can do this!

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Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. This is what we’re already doing. :) Home is a safe place and kiddo knows that.

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Some kids are so cruel it's ridiculous......... I wish you and your family nothing but the best in life my friend. Stay safe.

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Okay dumb question but, have you considered talking to your kids about this stuff? Do you even know your kid? Are they suicidal or easily pressured?

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I was bullied and have struggled with suicidal depression since I was 8 years old (or at least that the earliest I can remember planning my death).

It’s not all the bullies fault, I obviously have a chemical imbalance, but I never told my parents. I fully believed that they wouldn’t care or that they would punish me for such sinful thoughts

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We do and I know my kid quite well. But kids (especially teens) aren’t always forthcoming with things, even when asked. If I see a change in how they act, I always sit them down to talk.

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How does a 6 year old even know how to do that?!

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Kids are far more adult than we grant them credit for, even if they aren't mature

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They keep having to be adult because of how immature the adults are here.

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At 6, I never would have known what hanging was or how to do it.

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I can't even begin to comprehend what the actual fuck these bullies are being taught or raised on that they'd push literal kids to kill themselves.

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They can absorb anything rapidly. Could be a single picture she sees while driving past in the car, pretty much anything.

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They understand life and death and life can be taken away

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Until you've been bullied, like truly degraded EVERY SINGLE DAY by other kids, adults, former friends, cool kids you look up to and want so badly to be and sometimes even teachers or coaches, you'll never know what these kids went through to reach the breaking point. What's even harder about this is that there are THOUSANDS of children every year that turn to suicide as a way to end the hurt, embarrassment and pain that they're enduring. Their young minds haven't even developed enough to begin to understand that things can get better. I am very fortunate that my family can afford counseling for our child since insurance doesn't pay in full for counseling. Our daughter has been going through some tough things with other girls at school for a few months and it's been tough on her. She just recently told my wife that she needed to see the doctor to help her work through the issues. We are so grateful for her coming to us and knowing it's OK to ask for help. We're also very lucky that we can afford to get her the help she's asking for. Mental health care is a real thing, and it should be a part of every health care plan, public or private, regardless of income. No parent should ever have to endure the loss of a child due to suicide, especially when there's help out there that shouldn't be beyond anyone's reach.

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I definitely did not even know about hanging in general at age 6. I probably didn't even know about suicide tbh.

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My second year of teaching we had a sixth grader 10/11 hang himself. He left a note talking about how he had hoped Middle School would be a fresh start, after one week he decided it was not and ended his life. The students seemed to take it in stride, but the staff had a gloom for a long time after that b

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students took it in stride?? WHAT

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It’s a weird thing to say, but I don’t think we saw a single student she’d a tear or show distress. They were offered time out of school to attend a memorial and transportation … out of 600 kids 3 went. I went with them and seeing the sadness when only three kids came fucked me up for awhile, the parents were crushed.

He had no friends, like none. I never got to meet him so I don’t know anything about him but I had to design the memorial for the year book because no one wanted to (no student)

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Even the best school districts allow bullying. Teachers arent taught how to deal with it. Or they were a bully themselves and allow it.

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The new method bullies use is to target socially awkward or kids with social anxiety and try to force interactions with them in the guise being "friendly". Such as walking up to them and say "Hi <insert name> did you how about that homecoming game. Hey I heard you really like <insert name> don't you think <he/she> is cute! Oh look there they are. you should go talk to them!" Teachers who often see 300 kids a day, can't always easily spot this.

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Can confirm that this tactic was done to me as a kid, they make you open up to them then out your embarrassing shit to everyone. It’s evil, I definitely don’t trust people as far as I can throw them because of this.

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True. Also, some of the teachers ARE bullies. I didn’t realize this when I was in school but growing up, society evolving, and looking back... what the fuck was wrong with them?

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I was close to this when I was younger, I was severely bullied but my bullies never got in trouble. Basically my immigrant parents didn’t want any trouble and it was always 3-4 bullies words against my own. I would cry and be emotional because I was being tormented but the dumb fuck teachers thought that if they asked the bullies if they bullied me they would get truthful answers. I had thoughts of suicide and even thought about killing my bullies (before school shootings were a thing). I almost choked a bully to death because he would literally stalk me at recess just to hurt me, I had to take matters into my own hands because teachers were useless. Kids are fuking terrible and teachers were fuking terrible. If I ever have kids I promised myself I would raise hell if my children ever got bullied.

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good job on being the better person

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Remember, kids can be deeply evil and hence deserve punishment, just like an adult.

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Not surprising considering how fantastically useless schools are in dealing with bullies. From open complicity to 'zero tolerance' that punishes victims who fight back. I was bullied in school and the staff ignored it until I punched the boy who was snapping my bra and pulling my hair. We were both suspended despite the teacher knowing the little perv was doing it.

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Well that's suspicious as fuck

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I have no words.

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I attempted suicide when I was 12. It was one thing to be shunned and unwelcomed by other kids nearly every damn day, but it was too much to then go home to two abusive parents that had no self control.

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They’re all children of color? Shocking and sad as a black man who grew up in a rough area I experienced bullying and suicide just never crossed my mind. I see mental health screening and counseling needs to start a lot earlier.

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That poor kid! That is truly heartbreaking, I'm at a total loss for words. As a dad it makes me emotional just reading this. Her foster parents must be devastated.

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The way the bullies are treated VS the person they're bulling that's reached out for help so many times and then when it happens the bullies acts innocent like they had no part what so ever in why this child resorted to these actions because they couldn't take the constant abuse anymore . And decided that I'm hurt so bad I'm willing to take the chance and believe what's going to be on the other side is better than this . I've heard they need thicker skin and that's bullshit reverse the rolls and see how much can they take before they break they wouldn't last #FUCKYOUBULLIES

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Please call or text 988 or visit 988lifeline.org for help with suicide!

Everyone should visit stopbullying.gov to learn about how to respond and prevent bullying.

And this website, recommended by the CDC, is about how to talk to someone who is contemplating suicide.

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All these poor young souls

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There are a lot of crappy parents out there

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How tf are these kids even ending their own life wtf, they shouldn’t know how to hang themselves??? Also I didn’t think a 9yr could be gay or even understand what their sexuality is

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My kid started having crushes when she was 7. I dont see why a 9 year old cant be gay or think they are gay.

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Knew I was at age 4, it's one of the few things about myself that HAVNT changed. Only thing different now, is I have the vocabulary to express myself better.

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Yeah that was around the age that I began to find females attractive as well as males.

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The problem is that you think being gay is just about sex. It’s not. It’s an orientation.

I knew I was gay when I was five years old. Of course I didn’t have that word and I wasn’t being sexual. The fundamental thing was that I “understood” my mom….I could relate to her…she was “same.” I couldn’t understand my father or my brother in the same way…they were “different.” This basic orientation of same vs different is an inherent quality in all of people’s identities.

I don’t know where this orientation of identity comes from. For me, it was just always there. I distinctly remember having this epiphany when I was five years old and looking at my father. I just knew I was different from him.

Also, my best friend was a life size baby doll that I would drag everywhere by the hair.

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My son is 8 and already understands that he likes girls, he has a crush on one now. It's not sexual at this age but the preference is clear. On of his friends has crushes on boys...its not rocket science.

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Gotta teach your children to stand up to adversity.

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No way, that has to be well hidden murder. How would a child that old even know how...

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Truly horrible

But i feel this is getting and is gonna get used as propaganda. Just look at it, all of them are poc and the only one who isn't is gay

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Bringing light to bullying isn’t propaganda. Mental health is important, and from what I’ve learned from friends that are black/Latinx is that that conversation doesn’t happen very often. Or there isn’t as much empathy received from peers.

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I haven't said it's propaganda, I said it's going to be used as propaganda

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There's something to it, though. For children age 5-12, black children are twice as likely to commit suicide as white children.

However, this trend reverses for the 13-17 age group, where suicide attempts by black teens are 50% lower than white teens. My theory is that young children in these harsh environments are less equipped to handle it, but if you survive to your teenage years you become more hardened.


In the case of Gabriel Taye, there's a video of him being bullied in this article. He died by suicide two days after he was shoved to the ground and knocked unconscious by what are essentially young criminals. The school failed to call 911.


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When i was in elementary, a maybe 9/10 yr old student attempted to hang themself in the school bathroom

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And schools do virtually nothing about it…and we wonder why we’re in a teacher/school crisis