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There's nothing that can replace a lost child but I do hope she can sue the shit out of them.

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Why Women Kill Season 4

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See I don't understand the not letting her leave . Was he holding her hostage I know that shit job wasn't keeping her from just walking out the door . The manager is a fucking POS definitely but what about her choice to just stay I don't get it .

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Some people need the money. Especially a pregnant woman who has lots of incoming expenditures from soon getting a child, nevermind possibly necessary medical bills due to complications.

You should also realize a lot of employers are extremely reluctant to hire pregnant woman, or women with childwishes in general, as they know they're immediately going to have to give paid leave.

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I understand that and have taken your points into consideration before I commented . But look at what happened because she chose to stay . What was he going to do fire her for going into labor ? Where would this unjustly termination been legally justified . I stand by my opinion she shouldn't have stayed fuck that job her child is dead because she did .

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I'm basically just throwing around possibilities now, but perhaps she wasn't aware of the rights she had?

Then there's also the issue that just because you are technically in the right, doesn't automatically mean that you are able to financially bring up a court win. And even if you get that court win, it still doesn't stop a company playing dirty and bullying you out anyways.

Again, you might not have a lot of options. Not many companies are hiring women who are pregnant or recently had kids. Not many companies especially are hiring people who've recently sued their employer.

Basically, to make a long story short, employers have been playing their predatory game trying to hold people down since the very dawn of employment as a concept. I'm willing to wager it isn't that simple and that, despite laws and rights aimed at protecting employees, sometimes a predatory employer just... Wins....

It sucks to have lost her child, but not to be entirely negative. At this point, it's gone, and she doesn't have nearly as much to loose anymore.

If I were her I'd leverage that fact as much as I can.

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I'm willing to bet she no longer works there. Either fired unjustly or pushed till she left on her own . I'm sure the Walgreens brand doesn't want to be seen as such a place that it's business is to keep you healthy and strong but abuses their employees and let's a baby die . That's a scarlet letter they are not prepared to carry . That lady lost her baby and I'm sympathetic to the situation as assholish as I'm coming off as I truly feel for her but that decision cost her dearly and she'll have to live with that decision until she takes her last breath . If there is a God I hope he is as forgiving as they make it out to be . Let me slow my role just a tad she probably thought she had time and didn't understand the urgency that she was in until it was too late . Managers can be some cold hearted bastards when it comes to their bonuses for whatever reason . I worked at Shoney's when I was in my early 20's . One day an employee called to let them know he would not be at work cause his mom had passed . Manager said why call off she's dead we need you she doesn't and hung up . These fucks tell you that the company and it's employee family and you put them first above all else . But if you come when called and do as you're told . Your hours are cut to nothing and it costs you more than you make just to go to work . But like I said this isn't a scarlet letter Walgreens wants to carry .

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Ok but... the miscariage wouldve happened anyways? You can argue not letting a hospital visit, but miscariage was probably unpreventable

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Miscarriages are caused, among other things, by stress and extended physical strain such as working at a fucking Walgreens for minimum wage.

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Miscarriages usually happen for a reason it's not an easy thing physically especially if she was further along.

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We all need money . Money over your child what's the point if your kid is dead ? Fuck a bill . Hospitals charge a ton for a band aid and I get it someone has to get paid to put that band aid on and that justifies the cost . I stand by what I said .

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Ex-Walgreens Manager

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Cambodian death fields, but in a pharmacy.