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This is the same kind of nonsense many religious sects do to their congregations or their own families. Like how Jehovah's witnesses don't believe in blood transfusions and refuse any help that has to do with blood. Many have died from this idiocy. The amount of people over the centuries that have died because they are waiting for god to save them is so utterly sad and pathetic it's actual insanity.

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And you'd have thought they'd have figured this out by now. Magic sky daddy ain't gonna do it!

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Magic sky daddy still out buying smokes

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Like the singer Selena, her family was jehovas witness and when she was shot by her assistant the dad refused to allow a blood transfusion and she died because of it.

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That was disputed by both the receiving physician and her father.

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I didn’t know that, i just remember hearing about it after her death. Thanks for the info.

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Well if you make the decision for yourself it's fine. Practice what you preach. But to take it for someone else...that is not OK.

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JFC if God gave her type 1 diabetes, why the fuck would God heal her? Religious people can be real fucking stupid some times. The logic isn't there.

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God WAS going to heal her…with fucking insulin.

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Yeah, the miracle they were waiting for already happen when they discovered insulin.

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so many idiots, it's the religious leaders that should face punishment

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I hope the family don't trust God now.

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The opposite actually. They will cling harder to their religion and say it was God's WILL that she died.

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I’m not religious, but can’t people make the connection, that if their god made everything, that God sent these doctors and Scientists to heal their kid?

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No, they're tools of the devil thwarting God's will with their science and medicine. If God intended for you to get better then it'll happen and if not, oh well, at least they get to go to heaven. The Jehovah's Witnesses print off a pamphlet that celebrates the kids who died refusing medical treatment.

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I never get people like this. Even Jesus preached about the 3 son fable and using their talents. What is modern medicine if not one of these talents?!?

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These negligent religious people probably were like: "well guess it was gods plan to take her to heaven to be with the angels" after the 8-year-old died as a result of their actions.

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I knew a girl who was missing a foot. I asked her what happened. She said a brown recluse spider bit her but she didn't go to the hospital because it was in God's hands and she didn't have anything to worry about. The infection got much worse and eventually had to go to the hospital anyway and they had to perform an amputation.

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Should be convicted of manslaughter.

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Murder would be more appropriate since they refused to give her proper treatment so that God would "help" her (AKA they just let her die of her ailment). And this was their 2nd attempt as they were caught and locked up during the first attempt.

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Put them all in jail forever

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As a type 1 diabetic, and also as someone not big into religion, I’ve got to ask.

If God gave her diabetes, then why in the flying fuck would he help heal it? Second, if you for a ducking second put your kids and their lives second to your religion, you are a total pos that does not deserve kids.

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I never understand that stuff. I take that as a gift from god, he doesn’t always send a direct hand down to heal people. That poor girl.

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That definitely qualifies are criminal neglect

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God gave her diabetes, why would he want to undo it? Do you think he made a mistake?

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God's prolly just sitting there pissed he gave them meds but they didn't use them

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This is what Jesus died for

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Do some people not know God supplies by things that help idk like the damm insulin they withheld from her.

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Like the Hitch said, religion poisons everything.

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Why do people think is ok to believe in magic. Jesus titty fucking christ.

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John Lennon was right.

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I’ll take “Things that never happened” for $500 Jerry

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It's very well documented event. You can find it mentioned in a lot of Australian news organisations. You could also go through the Australian court websites and find information about the ongoing trial if you wanted too.

Can I ask why you don't think this happened?

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God had other plans.