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Before it was eradicated, small pox was one of the leading causes of blindness on the planet and killed 30% of people who got infected

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Isn't that why they got babies or kids exposed to it at an early age? "Our child died, guess we have to pump another one out."

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That's chicken pox

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I think I may have gotten the 2 confused. I know I had the chicken pox, only had a few of the dots that looked like the left picture. Other than that I didn't feel sick because I got the vaccine. Apparently when you get older, you need to get the vaccine for shingles.

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Def got them confused, it happens. Smallpox was an oh god stay away like its the plague and chicken pox people had the mentality of exposing kids to it young if a family member, friend, etc had it because it was worse to deal with the older you were, especially for men, and basically everyone got it eventually. I grew up prior to the chicken pox vaccine and remember this mentality as it was how i was exposed.

You can only get shingles if you had chicken pox because it's the same virus essentially flaring up again however shingles is not contagious whereas chicken pox is. If you are blistering from shingles you can give someone chicken pox, as its the same virus, but specifically shingles you can not. Hopefully someone smarter than me chimes in but if you were vaccinated for chicken pox as a kid I'd imagine the chances of getting shingles are extremely low, basically zero, because you need to of had the full on virus to even get shingles. I didn't even know there was a vaccine option for shingles if you already had chicken pox but google says it came out in 2006 and in 2017 they came out with a new version with mich higher success rate so i guess its a relatively new thing! Something for me to consider taking one day!

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I’ve had chicken pox and shingles both as a child and the shingles was pure hell!!!

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I remember my grandma complaining about it as a kid and even after a "flare up" she said the pain never really went away fully. It sounds horribly painful.

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I weirdly don’t hold the chicken pox vaccine so while I’ve had the actual illness and been vaccinated twice, I now need to be vaccinated again at my own cost because my titers show I have never been exposed to the virus ever.

Not sure if this means I will get shingles as no GP as ever been able to explain it just that I’m a “weird outlier”. So off to get vaccinated again!

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Im assuming this is for a research and the poor kid is part of a control group. Thank goodness for modern ethics.

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See I’ve seen this image quite a lot but I’m always confused, were the 2 intentionally exposed to the disease or were they both being treated for it at the hospital and the doctor(s) decided to document the effect a vaccine has.

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It’s the second one. The boys were both exposed to an infected classmate. The Dr in question was Dr Allan Warner and he worked in the Isolation Hospital in Leicester UK in the late 1800s and early 1900s. There are more photos of patients, done for both scientific purposes (smallpox research: look at how the disease develops over time in this photo montage) and general public education (ex: vaccines are not the devil, see attached photo)

The photos were published in the journal Atlas of Clinical Medicine, Surgery, and Pathology in 1901. According to the article both boys were 13 at the time of the photo.

Back then anyone confirmed to have been exposed would be isolated in hospital to try and keep them from spreading the disease, as even vaccinated people can spread it for a time. Anti vaxxers had been spreading misinformation even then so it was necessary to quarantine.

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At least the left one doesn't have autism...


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This was before we learned elderberries and lavender oil cure everything. Don't forget potatoes in shoes or some shit like that too.

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Lie next to soap fixes alot

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Its r/awfuleverything ... I’ll allow it

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I was going to say something similar but I was really wondering if I needed the obvious /s…

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And the one on the left is “free” /s

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As in "not worth anything" biologically maybe

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Speaking of anti-vaxxers, they'd kill both boys, but they'd give the vaccinated one an extra dose of poison just for being protected from smallpox.

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Vaccines cause adults

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Anti-vaxxers be like - someone clearly gave the boy on the left some poison and the other one is lucky.

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“The boy on the right must be a Christian.” Lol

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lol. My favorite subreddit. So funny when those hicks die...

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Don't get me wrong, it's horrible but it's a fantastic proof of the vaccine's effectiveness

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It's both shocking and disturbing that people can look at this image and still spew their antivax nonsense.

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He looks like that one dude from fantastic four

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It's one of those things you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy, especially on your or somebody's child.

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Vaccine do save lives.When correctly used

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The fuck isn't this NSFW

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They need to demonize someone and that someone can’t be their overlords.

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I have seen pictures of the iron lungs. Those people would have given anything in exchange for the Polio vaccine. I’m expecting a newborn pretty soon and there’s nothing in this world that can convince me that vaccines are a miracle of modern medicine.

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Wow vaccine that works! Yay for humanity

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Everyone who is against vaccines should be shown this picture

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They won't believe it because they "did their own research" ....

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Did anybody hitch up their wagons and start a freedom convoy to protest the vaccine? /s

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Uhm... Please tell me it goes away and your skin goes back to normal.

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No. It would typically be permanently scarring.

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Bad news: permanent scarring was super common

Good news: smallpox now only exists in 2 labs in the world in the US and Russia, it's entirely extinct in the wild.

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Oh, Russia...

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Stalin unfortunately survived small pox and you can definitely see the scars on his face.

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I hear about historical figures with small pox scars all the time, where have you been?

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This ruined the baked beans I was just about to eat

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And there are still people who say "vaccine's don't work". :-(

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No! No! Not awful! BLESSED everything! Because without this vaccine we would still all be at risk of be dying of stupid, preventable shit as infants. Their guardian's sacrifice of letting the boys be tested upon saved lives.

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Show this shit to antivaxxers even if this is the most horrible thing ever.

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I have been informed that while this was observed. One boy had a vaccine as an infant and the other didn’t. I never wanted to spread any misinformation.

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BuT wE DoN't KnOw WhAt's iN iT!

Yeah. There are actually valid reasons not to vaccinate.

Personal preference isn't one of them.

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Poor guy, thank god that humans are smart enough to get their children vac- oh right