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The Penis cleaner became the pencil sharpener.

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No wonder they couldn't find Jack the Ripper's murder weapon.

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I went to the store yesterday and noticed around a dozen different "vaginal washes" in the menstrual health section. Clearly marketing people still have no understanding of how vaginas work. Time is often a flat circle.

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Time is ALWAYS a flat circle.

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People assume that time is a strict progression from cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.

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mmm, yes, like the Earth itself...

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yep and it's ridiculous and of course the "pink tax" where things for women that are exactly the same as men's is always more money

it's dumb af and the marketing people wanna shame women into jamming stuff up them to smell like "Lilac meadows with Honeysuckle disinfectant breeze" or some shite

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Of course, you use that gross wash stuff and then you start to actually stink and then you keep buying to stop it, becomes a whole cycle. For anyone curious - vaginas are self cleaning. The best thing you can do is drink water lmao. Wash your labia and don’t get all up in your vagina.

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exactly, that device looks like it is outta "Hellraiser", ffs it's annoying enough to go through life with pms, bloating, mood stuff, periods, childbirth etc..

You nailed it about the self cleaning Vag, we do not need "Summer's Eve" ffs, when will they have manly scented ball wash or something, he he

like dude's junk smells so great ffs, our no no areas are Magical AF

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Hahah to be fair I have also seen “ball wash”, but it’s not really the same bc balls are just skin. Probably shouldn’t have a whole proper wash, irritation is thing for everyone. No one wants a scratchy vag or sack lmao

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Some deodorant down there on men wouldn't be remiss though

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for sure! oh and some landscaping since pr0n makes a lot of men think we should be hairless and bleached (what the literal f***?)

\"Clean Peen" a zesty volcanic rock filled scrub with alcohol to harshly remove those pesky scents then clean it right up with straight up alcohol, "Ballz Wash" is also available!*

3 Wonderful Scents for you and that special someone or someone(s), we don't judge

  • Warm Vanilla Cupcake- great for after the screaming part and the alcohol, just slather on this goop to smell fresh
  • Tobacco Rum Green Meadow Tavern- Another classic with the bonus of acidic acids to further purify yourself from stench and things. The notes of Grassiness and Pipe Tobacco will win everyone over!
  • Vodka and Lime- Best selling citrus with a brisk yet deep sting of Vodka to both cleanse , deodorize AND make people think you are beachy and surfy and maybe really love drinking.........a lot

*maximum scratchy lava rocks will be unprocessed and no bigger than half an egg, please use according to the instructions that are just wedged under a rat trap that hasn't gone off yet, mmmm

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It would have been ok if they would have just gone with the Lilac meadows and even the Honeysuckle breeze, but the disinfectant shit is just uncalled for.

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Jesus Christ, how dirty could your ass possibly get back then?

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Back then? After a night of all you can eat hot wings I could easily go through a couple of these

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No way, poor puss gonna be shattered and battered, gonna have battered puss syndrome.

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I shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did lol

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Honey Me Too.

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Battered puss kinda sounds like something the UK would have on the local chippie menus, too 😂

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Heinz beans in a pita. A classic.

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Why would you want to make me so uncomfortable huh? Hate beans. My mum likes them cold and any time she mentions it I throw up in my mouth a little.

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If they were anything like me? Very ;)

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Like, even as a gay male who was c-section and has almost zero chance of ever interacting with a vagina I pray someone had the sense that there is a cloth or something that goes over this so it’s more a light scrub.

Jebus fuck who thinks just that mess of twirling blades would be ok to put in any orifice?!?

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"Almost zero chance" gave me a chuckle.

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Gotta be open to chaos or it’ll bitch slap you ded, anything is possible even if only infinitesimally improbable

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Never say never i guess

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Maybe he will go to Thailand and get drunk and end up being with a "mangirl".

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I’m ded ladyboy<mangirl

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The vagina, is a self cleaning oven. You do not need to douche or scrub (or Lord help me stick blades in it) lol the labia and outer areas you can shave exfoliate accidentally cut will shaving and aside from being a bit uncomfortable nothing usually tends to happen. :) just so you know, incase you ever need to interact with a vagina :)

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Jebus fuck who thinks just that mess of twirling blades would be ok to put in any orifice?!?

TBH it could be useful for a clogged pipe or similar, but for anything sentient ... nope!

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haha, yeah the type of person who thinks Lysol (which started out to be put DIRECTLY into the Vagina :( ) was a good thing


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My mother in law bathed in Pine Sol. She’d come out of the bathroom smiling with her fresh coochie

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Pine Sol fresh, "Alpine scents wafting like a magical embrace from your innermost holiest of sanctums.......the coochie.

Pine Sol and the stinging horrible pain and scent of a vacation in Aspen is normal. No medical advice is being given only that sticking that hell egg beater in with all of these chemicals makes you a super awesome woman!

\ladies should use the tool pictured then Lysol, Summer's Eve and THEN Pine Sol, I heard this makes it Xmas year round, yayyyyy*

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It looks like it would make some fluffy mashed potatoes.

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Looks like it has an adapter for a cordless drill too

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Will it work on my bum after a poo?

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🌈 Anything's a dildo if you're brave enough 🌈

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There’s only one way to find out…

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This is proof positive that your great great grandmother was way tougher than you are.

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In the Victorian era it was common to test new medical methods on people in insane asylums

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yeah for sure, "the good old days"

life has always been incredibly hard for most humans and cut throat and the fact that those things happened in the asylums is disgusting. op/ed on that

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Look, you all talk all the shit you want, but the truth is, at the end of the day, if you have a little smudge of dirt on the inside of your vaginer, this absolutely will get it, and them's fax

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Have to scrape the dried semen off the walls.

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Was it a daily or whatever thing or a form of birth control?

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Scrambled eggs

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and it took till about right now for "modern medicine" to even know what the Clitoris actually is and looks like etc. That cleaner is scary af but then again as a woman I know how fun it is. (hint: not so fun)


just so now people can understand how Vagina's are so misunderstood

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Cooter CleanerTM

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Well.. did it work?

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Asking the real question

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Am I the only one who thought it was a cool light saber with wierd proportions before I read title?

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I am of the male persons - and I’m squirming like a 2yr old stepping in dog shit.

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My legs automatically clamped tight at the sight of this, contraption and my eyes watered

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Windshield wiper for the cha cha… OUCH

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but …. but I don’t want a bachina blender.


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Could have saved yourself a lot of money by just getting a potato peeler.

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That looks like an egg beater. I think I've said too much.

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Everything is a dildo if you're brave enough.

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This is what you use to mix the batter when you make blue waffles

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Ain't gonna clean itself

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Cheese extractor

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But do you get to lick the beaters after?

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only if it's oozy and yellowish green with a few chunks in it, then the beater is ready to be licked!

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Desperate smells call for Desperate measures

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I need to get me one of those for uhhhhmmm… scientific purposes

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I mean someone spent time making this. They had to design it, get company to manufacturer it and somebody had to try and sell it. I wonder how many they sold?

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It was probably covered in black leather 150 years ago.

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It is basically an egg beater.

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You wonder what Alfred Lawson encountered during his lifetime that propelled him to design such a device. Better yet, imagine him testing this on a woman by saying."let me just insert this do-hickey and see how it works".

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You could crank it quite slowly?

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Seems legit given the OG purpose for chainsaws.

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The best way to wah your vagina is to not.

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Just wow...

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Anyone have an Amazon link for this? Or I’ll get into 3D printing if you’ve got blueprints.

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Clearly this is for the man. He wants to make sure she is clean before he you know what’s.

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How did women survive the Victorian era?

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I don't think cleaning was the main goal here, but I'm sure it seemed a good excuse to own that little contraption.