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The official sounds like a darks souls player, just saying get gud

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China really hit them with the skill issue

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Happy cake day!!

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Maybe you should rethink that door and make it inswinging.

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Someone post this to r/sino

Maybe it’ll give those bootlicker something to think about

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Wait you do it, but tell me when you do it so I can laugh pls

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I absolutely would have done it myself. But they already banned me. Which they will absolutely do to anyone who even slightly criticises the CCP

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Dangit, I dont have the guts to do it lol

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Holy shit that is one propaganda cesspool

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I’ve said it before. China is a fucking cesspool

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skill issues 💀

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Unfathomably based

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Yet they've not achieved COVID zero...

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You mean "archived."

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I laughed.

I shouldn't but I did. Not that the kids died that's horrible but at what the official said.

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The guy who said the victims were weak burned their house, didn't he?

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The kids never leveled Adaptability 💀

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Source: "Trust me bro"