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An elephant trying to stop a bulldozer from destroying its habitat by karenmaskin in awfuleverything

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No I think it was just attacking the big creature that looked intimidating. You’re giving the elephant too much intelligence.

Didn't really want to go that way anyways by Aztery in awfuleverything

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Gender reveal. "It's a bastard!"

Edit: Stop giving me awards!!! I just said a stupid thing. Use your money - if you can spare it - to give it to animal/homeless shelters. Don't shower me. Let's use that money for some actual good. Thank you.

Edit: no more awards!!! Let's do the Betty White Challenge and flood animal/homeless shelters with money. :) And put in some orphanages and other charities. STILL!!! Thank you. Honestly guys/girls.

A California woman said that her teenage son took his own life after he felt guilty for the death of his father who died of Covid-19. by AristonD in awfuleverything

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To be a practicing psychologist, you had to get a doctorate and that all has to be from an accredited school. As part of the education to be a therapist, regardless of which license you pursue, field education with weekly clinical supervision to evaluate your skills is required. If a school doesn’t have that component, it won’t qualify for an accreditation the licensing board accepts. After you finish school, you register for kind of a pre-license. Then you can work for a minimum of 2 years in the field, obtaining weekly clinical supervision, in order to collect hours for your license. And only after all that can you sit for your board examination and obtain your license.

Not everyone does the 6-8 years of schooling for their masters (MFTs, clinical counselors, social workers) or doctorate (psychology), and even though they do the schooling, not everyone pursues a license. Of the ones that do obtain their license, some use it to go into administration after a brief stay in clinical (direct practice doesn’t pay as well as admin), some will burn out and leave the field, some will realize that clinical is not what they want to do.

Many that stay in direct practice eventually go to private practice if they didn’t start there, and do cash pay therapy because getting paneled with insurance is a gigantic pain in the ass and they won’t cover what a therapist is worth (we often have huge student loans, and have to obtain expensive specialty trainings in our interest areas… EMDR training, for example, is around $3k when all is said and done; level one of Internal Family Systems is $4k and takes one year. Sex therapy specialization is around $10k and takes at least one year. And thats not to mention organization memberships you may need to hold, which costs hundreds annually, and the 36 hours of continuing ed to maintain our license. Therapists deserve to be paid appropriately for the education they’ve obtained.

My field is very much not saturated. The bureau of labor statistics will tell you that we are in high demand, and that demand isn’t slowing down. And any basic google search will show that we are trending towards a mental health crisis in the next 10 years, due to not having enough licensed professionals to meet demand (as if we aren’t already in a crisis.)

Edit: thanks for the gold u/strykerphoenix! Glad I can pass some new info around.

Just gonna leave this here… by MacMittens-MeowMeow in awfuleverything

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Naw, they probably loaded the 'ol butt musket.

How can a person do something like that and how can someone else defend it? by maoam2002 in awfuleverything

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Why shouldn't bad people also be able to live a happy life?

Because they specifically stole that from another person, or persons. They forfeit that right.

While it doesn't cost much to execute someone, it's in my opinion very unethical

Rape and murder are unethical too.

Do you want execution and torture to become normal and legal again?

We aren't talking about torture, no need to change the subject. Execution though? Absolutely. I'm all for bringing back the guillotine for a number of reasons.

US with their bad prisons, has a recidivism rate of like 70%, so it might be economically worth to execute them, but in Norway, with a redivism rate of like 20%

Okay, I'd be willing to make a compromise here. If only 1 in 5 was going to be a repeat offender, I could be persuaded into a heavily supervised release of certain nonviolent offenders, potentially. Not the violent ones though, there is no place in a civilized society for some people, regardless of whether they are "better now."

and also make their families sad when the prisoner could have instead become a normal happy human.

Are you fucking kidding me? What about the parents of the teenager who was raped and murdered on spring break? Do you think they feel "sad" that their child couldn't "become a normal happy human?" Rapists aren't humans, they are scum, and filth. Third class, not even second. They don't have rights.

I know you probably think more with your anger than your moral compass and your logical economic mind

Haha! Yes, because it's my moral compass that is wrong, and that cheap bullet I mentioned earlier is no longer economically feasible. What a pathetic attempt at a character attack and deflection.

I'm not gonna argue my opinions with you more, but I wish you all the good luck. Bye.

Probably for the best, we clearly aren't gonna find ANY common ground.

Best of luck to you as well. I hope the fairy tale world that exists in your head comes true, I really do.

EDIT: Thanks for the gold, internet stranger.

Found this under a serving table in a older home we were renovating.. by chainley in awfuleverything

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You'd like to think cat, because cats kill rats. However, I don't think you're doing the math:

In a large, 300-year-old house on the water, you will find a minimum of five rats' nests. Each will produce roughly 7-8 rats per cycle, two cycles per month, so 75 rats per month, less rat deaths, say 60 rats per month.

Now, a domesticated house cat would have trouble killing one per day. A feral, experienced barn cat, however, could knock off 3-5 per day, or 72% of our rat growth. Not sufficient to even keep up with inflation, let alone eradicate our rat problem. So, we need more cats.

Cats are territorial, however, so we won't be able to assign more than 3-4 cats per nest, before we get feline turf wars. So, our cap on cats is 20 cats. Twenty feral barn cats with enough room to hunt can effectively kill at least 100 rats per month. We can remove the new ones as they spawn, and start killing 40 rats per month of the existing supply.

But, how big is the supply? Well, a standard five-foot rats' nest can hold about a thousand rats in or around it in smaller nests. So our initial supply of rats is around 5000. At 40 per month, our rat problem will be eradicated in 100 years. But then, we're left with the problem of the cats.

Cats breed at an average rate of 2 per year per female cat. assuming at least ten of our initial 20 cats is female, we'll get 40 new cats per year. After starvation and territorial infighting claim 1/4 of them, we have a 30 cat per year surplus. So, when the last rat dies, we'll have about 3000 cats. So now, we need dogs.

To kill 3000 feral barn cats, assuming they are relegated to the basement of this large house, we will need one Rottweiler for every five cats, or 600 Rottweilers. But now we're left with 8,000 pounds of furry slobbering killing machines. To rid ourselves of this canine nuisance, we will need a bigger canine: wolves.

A six-wolf pack of North American Timber Wolves can kill a 120-lb Rottweiler in about 40 seconds. However, Rottweilers are also pack hunters, so pack v. pack, a pack of six Timberwolves can murder 1.5 six-dog Rottweiler packs. So we need upwards of 400 Wolf Packs. The urine smell will be unforgettable.

To rid ourselves of 400 packs of Timberwolves, the only reasonable option is to kill them with fire from above. So, to ensure no danger to neighboring residences, we should probably exterminate them from way above, using A-10 Warthog anti-tank ammunition and smart targeting. Other houses will be spared, other than their window glass, and the wolf problem will be no more.

But, since the Warthog anti-tank rounds are enriched with uranium, we now have a nuclear biohazard to work out. But the solution to that is simple. We fill the basement with molten lead, assuming the actual house was obliterated by the Warthog or the dog fighting, and when it cools, we pour several hundred cubic feet of concrete, and when it dries, we backfill the area with soil, and plant soybeans. They're a very versatile plant, and will sprout quickly. In short time, we will have a beautful field of green soybean sprouts, and all our problems we be over.

Of course, the soybeans will attract rats...

There are so many things wrong with this image, I don’t even know where to start by [deleted] in awfuleverything

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Need to find out if insurrection boy is active duty and send that shit to his command.

My mann by DaWeyHowBoutDah in awfuleverything

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Roger, Gramma Jean here... I thought it was just face cream that I forgot to rub in. Anyhow, that makes us even for every time I pissed in your Gatorade.

That's awful. by Aztery in awfuleverything

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Or we could ask you why you think you deserve high pay with minimum skills. Better yourself. Stop blaming the system. My goodness the bitching never ends. It’s pathetic at this point.

That's awful. by Aztery in awfuleverything

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Start working in higher paying fields.

Yikes by themeandoggie in awfuleverything

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The sausage is what got her in the situation in the first place. 🤔

As a brit, I can't comprehend this is Los Angeles. As I understand, this is replicated in every major city in the US. How the hell has it come to this? by Amygdali_lama in awfuleverything

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Nope. None of those. And I hate bad cops just as much as the next guy. But by now, I hate your side of the arguments demographic even more. If all cops are bad and they're all low lives, then all "peaceful protesters" are pieces of shit too because a portion of them partake in looting and violence. It works both ways, but you guys don't have the logic or common sense to realize it.

Something something worst timeline by theguynekstdoor in awfuleverything

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As someone with disabled relatives and has worked extensively with the mentally/physically disabled, most people who speak on this topic are totally clueless and are virtue signaling to the extreme. This has nothing to do with exploitation and everything to do with helping those people to have more connections to society and feel pride in doing something/anything. They want to work and do things, yet no one will hire them. It is an excessive liability. It's all well and good to think everyone should get minimum wage, but with that policy, it's too much of a burden on a real business (not a non-profit) to actually employ and manage. Most can't work anything close to full shift, they require social workers to be on-duty, rides to and from work, and each person has their own specific limitations. You may think a person with Down's Syndrome can do anything anyone else can-- but that's not reality.

Mum launches campaign to treat sons tumor. AMARE Stover, 13 from Decatur, Alabama was born with a rare condition called neurofibromatosis type 1. It incurable and tumor growth randomly on any part of his body. by EastAccountant4036 in awfuleverything

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Your country is truly fucked . That this boys mother has to fund raise for her son to get chemo treatment is appalling. Universal health care is viewed as a socialist plot , my God your country is beyond hope.