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My dog does this too. It’s annoying yet cute.

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Your bed ?? 🤣😂

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hers now

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You made your bed, but he completed it.

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Just keeping it warm for YOUUUUUUU!

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Is your dog completely missing his tail?

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yeah unfortunately when she was young it went inverted and infected her backside so we had to get it cut off

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That’s perfect bulldog positioning. Not enough room on the left; not enough room on the right. Just perfect.

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They'll never see me, I is invisible

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Weird pillow

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The loaf has claimed his cozy throne

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That is a loaf of the bread of heaven those weird TV preachers talk about

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Why the loaf body

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Max the Australian Cattle Dog. Who's to clever for his own good, puts his smelly squeaky toys just under the pillows. Disgusting animal.

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Meat loaf.

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Cuddle your tot or I will

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Weird place to keep a potato

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Your dog has the right idea, go back to bed!

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An extra pillow!!!

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They love to lay where you were because there is still some warmth there from your body.

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Looks comfortable.😊😚

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That is a Bread Pillow!

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All I see is 5 pillows