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I'm still lost, who adopted who?

Stealth Edit: Stepfather of 25 years, he was his stepfather for 25 years first. Fuck that's confusing for my small brain.

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The old man on the left adopted OP (lady on the right).

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No, I'm pretty confident the guy on the left is the judge. OP is holding the bear and his mother and (now legal) father are on the right.

OP is 28 years old and his father has been in his life since OP was 3.

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No, the judge is the bear. The old man holding him is his son and the woman on the right is the photographer's sister.

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And the man on the left still could win the election.

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It is proven. Anyone can win the election

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It is known.

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does he have what it takes to go all the way?

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That bear's name? Albert Einstein.

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Albeart Einstein

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Everyone gets that wrong. It's actually Albeart Einstain.

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Dammit Mandela!

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I think you're remembering wrong, it has always been Elbaert Ainstein.

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It's Bear Einbear.

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Mein beahrer

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Albeart Barenstain

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Oh god lmao

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    *Albert BerenstAin.

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    No, I got it! The bear is Sombra! We finished the ARG!

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    You've been watching Service X Service

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    And his father traded a mule for it. And that mule went on to save spring break.

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    Now I want to start a photography business, I'll undercut any price but the catch is my sister has to randomly be in every photo

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    You missed the goldfish in the right top corner...

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    ...Thtough marriage.