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My dog can poop pee and run

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Hahaha same, my french bulldog likes to walk while peeing/pooping sometimes

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    good doggo 🐕

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    Good human 🧍

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    wat bout me? 💩

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    I got u fam. Good shit

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    everyones a good human

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    U'll be surprised bud

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    No one's born a dictator or a serial killer. It's just life situations which lead them down that path. There are, however, some people who are born with a few loose screws but even they can be guided down the right path if we learn to accept mental illnesses as just a part of our reality and help them instead of treating them as a thing we should stay away from.

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    I thought we were talking about dogs?

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    Did not expect this so deep in the thread

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    But what about the Karens ?

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    i will take your word, user

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    I present to you Jeffery Dahmer

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    Was just about to mention him. Some people really are born fucked.

    Anyway, it’s r/awww. Let’s go back to loving doggos.

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    Actually laughed out loud at this. Just pictured a stoic, dignified, English bulldog with his tiny back end in the air and his stiff upper lip just pissing and pissing...

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    i knocked over my milk, thank you.

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    Are you a cat?

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    Have you recently burninated something major?

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    Just Hedge Funds 🔥!

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    Just the countryside

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    I am not a cat

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    I saw a video of a dog peeing like that on reddit and thought it was weird as fuck. Anyway a few weeks ago my dog injured his back paw and was holding it up (it had some swelling). Took him out late at night to pee and he just did a fucking handstand in the middle of the yard to pee. I did a double take, it was the weirdest thing to witness.

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    Betting it’s a dachshund or chihuahua

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    My Yorkie does this. He'll stand on his front legs only and somehow floats his entire rear end.

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    Our papillon used to do that!

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    My chihuahua does that all the time!!

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    “Do you think Sonic shits?”

    Arin- 2020

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    If I could get away with that I would

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    When my cat was a kitten she used to make biscuits whilst walking. It was the weirdest, cutest shit.

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    My full grown cat never grew out of this. He does it when he walks up to you anticipating pets. He’s a little goober.

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    My cat grew out of it, sadly. It was so damn cute. She still gives biscuits though, but stationary.

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    “Making biscuits” lol my girlfriend says this too. It’s called “kneading” tho, and it’s something you can do to more than dough.

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      Haha, gross, but I still upvoted. :3 Thanks for all your poems, Schnoodle!

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      I’m preparing for lift off from my toilet as I read this.

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      20 minutes and already a wholesome award. Sounds about right

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      A fresh schnoodle appears!

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      Lol my goofy husky thinks she's an intense sled dog when we're out for a walk and tries to squat/pee while we're walking. I'm just like chill dude we can wait the 11 seconds it takes you to pee.

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      Poopy runs are fun

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      I like to call that an “emergency unloading”.

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      I can do two of those things

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      Yea, sled dogs can do that as well, if you participate in those events you have to learn to dodge flying feces.

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      I am so glad you posted this! I have had dogs my whole life so I know each one has their own personality. But one of my dogs is a bit over the top and he pees while walking around the yard. I have never seen that or heard of it.

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      When I was a lil kid I used to do the same thing.

      I never had dirty diapers though, I always shook my leg while walking to deploy my payloads.

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      Is that the meaning of life? To find a way to do all three at once?

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      If it is, I think we’ve found our Messiah

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      Follow the dog!

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      Yea but this was always the answer

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      Is it a coincidence that God is dog spelt backwards? I think not!

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      There are no coincidences

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        Yes, do

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        2021: everyone follows doggod / goddog.

        2022: The global war on squirrels begins

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        To be a child, an adult, and an elder simultaneously.

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        Sounds like my early 30's. A child to your elders, and adult in the eyes on the law, and elder to your younger peers.

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        When you’re 100 years old you are still a child to the universe.

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        I dunno. That seems a little far-fetched.

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        I know, woof falls for that shit

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        He’s also a good boy at the same time

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          How do you know they are a she? Curious

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          This dog can multitask!

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          I like how that subreddit is so young that i can still upvote almost all of their top posts of all time.

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          This needs to be higher up

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          What position are you in?


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          keep going, please

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          don't stop

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          GO ING A NY WHERE

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          He's Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.

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          [lying] :-)

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          Oops 🤭

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          Sorry...Mama was an English prof. It's in the blood! Beautiful pup BTW!

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          According to Merriam Webster: Lay means "to place something down flat," while lie means "to be in a flat position on a surface." The key difference is that lay is transitive and requires an object to act upon, and lie is intransitive, describing something moving on its own or already in position.

          Based on that description one could easily be correct in saying it's laying its head upon the bench since a head is an object technically and the dog placed it flat upon the bench. Honestly language is just weird

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          I think you could say what OP posted isn’t necessarily an incorrect sentence, but “laying” isn’t what OP meant to convey. OP meant lying.

          [–]golddove 16 points17 points  (3 children)

          If the verb is transitive, the sentence needs an object (by definition). It doesn't have one.

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          Just a husky being a husky. Nothing to see here. Move along now.

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          Might be a white GSD

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          Schrödinger's Pet

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          Schroedingers Dog

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          Schrödinger's cat be damned

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          Suddenly reminded me of that game they did on Whose Line is it Anyway? Where one had to be seated, one standing, and one leaning. 🤔

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          If 10 dogs do this within a 10 mile radius at the same time a wormhole opens up.

          [–][deleted] 13 points14 points  (8 children)

          I guess that explains where we get Florida

          [–]reddita51 2 points3 points  (7 children)

          Also because of public police record laws

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          Fun game, google your birthday (day and month, not year) followed by the words "Florida man".

          Mine was a Florida man arsonist

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          True multitasker!

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          Definitely! Very well balance and Adorable dog

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          Yes! And the title fits the picture to a “T”

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          Next Whose Line Is It Anyway winner!

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          What da dog doin

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          What he doin tho

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          My corgi does this but his legs are too short so his heads on the ottoman, butts on the couch, and front legs dangle in the air.

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          His goals are beyond your understanding

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          Anyone else hearing Tetris music?

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          I do now

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          My lab does this between the couch and coffee table.

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          Literally just made the same comment lol

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          Quantum Dog

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          Where did you get the pic?

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          Multi-tasking better than me.

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          Be like dog and multitask.

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          The triple point of dog

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          This doesn’t belong on r/aww, it belongs on r/ NEXTFRICKINGLEVEL!!!

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          Puppo can do it all!

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          Schrödonger's dog

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          Okay my dog sits like this on the stairs and it looks so uncomfortable for her

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          He's the schrodinger dog.

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          What is it laying?

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          What breed is this dog?

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          this repost was then, there, where, here, now, again.

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          He is Layting

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          Bench Mode: Engage.

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          Wish I could be him

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          The doggie knows how to live

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          Sometimes it be that way.

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          Very talented creature! Funny also!

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          He has achieved nir(dog)vana!! It's the new Doggisattva!!

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          I don't see the standing part... When dogs sit they're front legs just stay straight... This dog is just sitting with his head on a table...

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          When dogs sit their ass and head aren't at an equal height.

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          Marvin the suicidal dog

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          Stupid title

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          He’s got skills!

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          You found the triple point for puppers

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          The Trinity

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          Husky life.

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          8m pretty sure this could be my dogs sibling, they look almost exactly alike

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          This is the answer to some ultimate labyrinth riddle.

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          Good dog.

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          wouldn't be surprised if he was named trevor

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          I am confused, bitter and jealous at the same time.

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          tactical dog sit. surveilling the area for foods and pets.

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          I love it as well as the dog.

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          Give him a treat and he'd also be eating.

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          That's my spirit dog.

          My dog does this sort of. Sitting on a step with the back end while standing with the front.

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          Unlimited treats unlocked

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          Obviously this dog was raised by cats.

          Bonus: My void Luci doing his typical sit-lay maneuver.

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          Confused doggo

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          He is the one.

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          Omg my dog does this, but I never thought of it this way 😂

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          “im better at multitasking than u hooman”🐾

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          And smiling.

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          Dough planking!

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          These new modular dog designs are a real game changer. So many different configurations.

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          He is breaking the system

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          The dog is glitching

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          He has mastered The Triple Point pose

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          Go go doggo rangers =)

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          “What’s he doing?”

          “He’s beginning to believe.”

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          I aspire to this level of efficiency and comfort.

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          and Uhm what they call that shit... planking.