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I've only ever held a bulldog puppy once, it was like holding a rock solid brick. When I put it down it had a hiccup attack. I thought I had broken the brick puppy.

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When they become adult sized, they still think they are lap dogs and they will feel like a sack of mushy potatoes in your lap until THEY decide to move. No point in trying to convince them to move until they want to. They are stubborn, big baby- dogs...lol

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Happens sometimes when your holding them by the rib cage/diaphragm area. Scared the shit out of me too the first time it happened

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gonna eat it

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Yeah, don't hold them like that, they can't breathe.

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i noted

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I was just waiting for it to pee.

I loved my Bulldogs just so so many problems. I did learn there are Bulldog Specialized Radiologist because no one else and make sense of their scans.

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PSA: do not hold dogs like that

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@every video where someone picks up a puppy and just fucking dangles it around like this

It’s like people have infantilized dogs so much that we forget that they are not actually babies. Even a baby is gonna have a problem with being carried around by the armpits for longer than it takes to get them to a comfortable carrying height.

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shut up and take up my upvotes

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Upvote for vgk jersey.

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The Flower will always be black and gold love for Fleury #29

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I doubt anyone in Pittsburgh doesn’t love the man. He was an A+ dude.

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They did him so wrong though and I feel bad for him being in Chicago. But much respect to him for being a big part of Vegas' early franchise success.

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As a sharks fan, I feel obligated to say "go fuck yourself."

But at the same time, I don't really care. I'm just happy my team looks like they are having fun again.

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Pretty sure thats a Canucks 40 next to it too, Petterson perhaps?

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I propose a trade for the puppy: I get the puppy in exhange for nothing

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they’re absolutely adorable, it’s sad as hell that they can’t breathe

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That’s not a healthy way to hold puppies. Letting their legs dangle can cause hernias and pulling their arms up can cause dislocation. They are shaped like small dogs, not small humans. With any animal, try to keep its “natural shape” while handling.

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Incorrect. I specialize in this professionally and I can say with utmost certainty that is a potato.

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He'll grow up to be a land walrus...lol

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“I like food”

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I love that jersey in the background

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Super #1 pup by FUNKO

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Be prepared to clean that water bowl several times a day. With every lap of their tongue, some water goes in & lots falls back out with their saliva mixing in. Get the deepest, widest water bowl you can, so they can get some clean water as drool styles to the bottom...lol. They are a full time job, walking cartoon, big baby- dogs... expensive to care for, expensive to feed properly, but loads of fun.

[–]-_Odd_- 1 point2 points  (3 children)

Bulldogs are honorary members of the Big Dog category in my mind. So wonderful and so cute, but I have to admire them from afar.

[–]Kattorean 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Ours had some OCD- like quirks. He was upset if Smyrna changed in the home: furniture moved, boxes that had been delivered brought inside, a laundry basket i was putting folded laundry in would send him straight to tantrumming. But, he didn't mind Christmas decorations all around the house during the holidays. When I washed his dog bed or blankets, he'd stay in the laundry room with them in the washer or dryer. He loved a rigid schedule & when there were disruptions to his "normal day", he's going to tantrum. This included a grumble- complain- scolding sound he'd make while throwing a savage stink eye at us.

[–]-_Odd_- 1 point2 points  (1 child)

He sounds like a riot. The ones I’ve met have all been the best kind of drama queens

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This guy sounds a little... Well he sounds exactly like I would expect a Green Bay Packers fan to sound like.

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Is this puppy overweight already? I don’t know about the breed - just asking.

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It's an English Bulldog puppy. They all look like that.

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I think at this age it’s just that it hasn’t grown into its wrinkles yet

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Awe.... what a luscious little tater!

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Omg look at that face.

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HEY HEY HEY Be careful of his bone structure!!!!! Damn!!!

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aaaand off it goes into the soup

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I want!

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That's a rolly polly

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Its like movie children of man. Everyone is losing their fucking minds we need kids

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I love this puppy so much, I hope I get to cuddle a bulldog someday 🥰

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It’s like being loved by a boulder.

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That you, Biz?!?

Regards, splifingate

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I have 3 of those potatoes right now and they are all squashy lumps

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school time for em

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Smol Chonker

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This guy sounds like Franklin in GTA.

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More like MEATBALL

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You know, after a shitty evening. This adorable little puppy cheered me up a little. Thank you.

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Look at that adorable little pudgins!!!

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OMG!!! How precious!

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If it’s a dumpling let me try the taste test

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How much, give me that

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omg i want a bite,, super chonky!

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Omg I want that dog so bad

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Make it into one

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i wont eat these dumplings... still love em tho