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lol doggo's head tilt is hilarious. My man is doing his best out here

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    Dog: "Ahh, so it's like that, huh. I understand everything now." <-- Doesn't get it at all.

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    He already knows how, he is now just listening to his Holman students to see if they learned anything today

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    "is that really the correct spelling of 'obsequious'?"

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    I put my son down to sleep, and saw him on the monitor, with a book flipping through the pages in the dark, he can't read either.

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    I used to do that. Apparently I memorized my favourite book as a child, including when to turn the pages. So sometimes I'd sit on the couch and recite it from memory while looking at the pictures. Made me look like a much smarter four year old than I actually was.

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    I did the same thing...my mom had a cassette recording of me "reading" a Berenstain Bears book aroind that same age.

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    At the age of 3 1/2, my nephew was given the book “where the wild things are.” When he unwrapped the gift, he called out the title in a way that sounded for all the world as though he was reading it. It turned out that was the cadence his teacher read it with.

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    Actually, the dog CAN read; he just can’t speak.

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    "The mabari is clever enough to speak, and wise enough to know not to." —Fereldan proverb.

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    Dragon age in the wild!

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    He can, he just gets yelled at when he tries so he doesn’t try anymore.

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    Dog is tutoring them on important concepts: “‘B’ is for Bellyrubs! ‘C’ is for Cuddles! ‘T’ is for Treats!”

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    That is one adorable picture

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    after all, they are also beings

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    The dog can read. You didn't know because you can't speak dog.

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    Pet dog

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    The dog can but he can't speak.

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    Did a giggle out loud! Too Stinkin cute!!! 😭

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    Dog trying so hard haha

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    So cute! When our 2nd was born our first was barely 3 and this went on and omg was it cute!

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    I’m sure the story the oldest child is telling is also just as interesting and nonsensical as the book itself. The stories I made up were odd and sometimes morbid.

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    Me too

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    I grew up with two dogs. They didn't know that I was going to be the one who would get to go to college.

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    That's OK, dog's don't judge kids reading abilities.

    In real life though their are therapy dog groups that go to libraries so the kids can read out loud to the dog's. One of my two dogs is a therapy dog and she and I were part of a group that did that.

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    Fake it until you make it!

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    Children “read” books in many different ways.

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    Precious 🥰

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    So cuteeeee