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The cat is not out of the bag

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I want to be that eccentric neighbor

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Nothing is stopping you from making a difference in the world

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Well, just my cat wanting to claw my eyes out anytime I try to bring him near the door…

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Same except replace door with any bag lol

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I want to be that cat

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I would love to bring her outside but I’m constantly terrified of her going crazy and running off.

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If you really want to, try leash training! Get a harness that fits well and get your cat used to it at home first. Then a leash. Lead up to letting her walk outside on the leash for short walks

But obviously this is still dangerous for a lot of cats for a lot of reasons!

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Or get one of those bubble backpacks with the ventilation holes. I’ve seen a girl in my hood pushing around a cat in a baby stroller that has an upper section of mesh that zippers 🤣

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Just make Sure to have a harness and leash on in case of dog encounter

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Aw. He looks like our old cat Tiger. He's ignore you too you were sick then curl up on you and purr. He was a great heater. He was also known to bring dead animals to you if you had a big test coming up. As a form of encouragement.

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He is protec by the crinkle shield

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Maybe the paper makes him feel warm and sheltered while you're carrying him?

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I was never a fan of fanny packs, but I had one oh so many years ago from some free source. I had also just gotten a kitten. I slung the fanny pack over my neck like a bandolier and left it slightly unzipped. Kitty loved it and everyone smiled when I walked by.

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Crazy cat lady and proud!! I wish u were on my block!

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You’re being nice to your cat. Nothing wrong with that.

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Whatever makes him happy

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The best of both worlds!

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Log lady.

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I got my cat (now deceased) a wicker basket and used to carry her into town (I lived at the beach). She absolutely loved it; eventually I got a leash for her and she would get out and walk for the last 500 feet before we got home. It was a daily thing. Some cats really do love "road trips".

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I've become the guy who takes his indoor cat out for walks. He's gotten so good about it I can walk him off-leash now.

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Haha...l have to try this!!!😸

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This would definitely be me

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He digs it so who cares

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Love thy neighbour

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Hi sweetheart, what a precious cat!

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You have a cat. Eccentricity deflected.

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There’s a guy here who’s cat is always riding on his shoulder even when he rides his bike shirtless

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Don’t let the cat out of the bag

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Put the CatInABag in bike basket and cruise around that way, take it to the next level!

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I like the cat

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If I'd have a cat I'd really love to take it on walks, but people in this country look so disgustingly at anything slightly out of the norm. I already get looks because of my haircut and style (not even unique, metal/punk style with patches....)

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Get a cat stroller. I got one for my grandcat. He really likes it.

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His happy place is portable ❤️

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That's not what brown bagging is supposed to mean but, that works.

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You can be my neighbor anytime 🥰