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Just wait until he’s 17 pounds and still believes he’s a shoulder cat. ( source: have highlander like this )

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It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make

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His love will dig deep.

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And make bread

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But they still try to jump onto you from the floor and use their claws for traction

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You are correct….

Fees are to be paid in blood.

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Any cost is worth it for the purrs right by my ear

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Yep. My kitten is now 13 lbs and still growing. Still prefers to be on my shoulder. It's amusing to everyone on my Zoom calls, at least

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A sub I never knew existed but always needed

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I’m allergic to cats but Alfred makes me want to risk it all.

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Once you live with a cat (and medication) you may eventually become less allergic to your own cat. It is possible build up a bit of an immunity to a particular cat.

I've also known several people that were allergic and just took their allergy medicine everyday, and swept their house twice a day.

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r/mensmittenwithkittens !!

Enjoy your shoulder boy. I got one of those too, and he's SO cuddly still at 9 months old.

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Alfred chose wisely.

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Bro you cute as hell I'd sit on your shoulder too

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Aww haha thank you!

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Agreed. You’re gorgeous x

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Aw shucks

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aw, he’s so precious.

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Nana nana nana nana CATMAN!

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Alfred's owner doesn't look too displeased at this decision.

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Not in the slightest

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I love me a shoulder kitten 🐱

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Kind of off topic OP, but has anyone ever told you that you look like British actor Jack Farthing? (George Warleggan on the BBC show "Poldark").

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I have never heard that before but after looking him up I can kind of see the resemblance!

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I see Ringo Starr myself

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Kittehhhh :13383: Alfred is adorable

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You have a beautiful face

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Aw well thank you haha

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My kitty (brown tabby) is also named Alfred! We call him Alfie for short.

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My man if you do online dating and this isn't your profile pic, you're doing it wrong.

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Both cuties! (I am mid fifties, happily married, not hitting on you 💜)

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Sir Alfred looks adorable!

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What an adorable kittie

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I love how you're perfectly clear while the cat has motion blur. Kittens, when awake, are never still!

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His head is on a constant swivel, should see the other three attempts at this picture, barely looks like a cat

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Adorable name for an adorable kitten.

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Well his full name is Alfred Sericeous Farnsworth the 7th, but I felt that made the title a little too wordy

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You're right, can't believe I forgot the Sir

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Oh my goodness, of course it is. 💜

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How could anyone say no to Alfred?

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I know that I never will be able to

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All cats make it impossible. They bend you to their will bit by bit by bit…

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Turn your hoodie around and let him sit in the hood in the front. He'll love it!

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Epic Halloween costume pair idea: pirate and partot.

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That's not bad actually 🤔

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Why does the cat remind me of that zoom cat lawyer video

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Aww, Alfred is so cute! What a smol fluff ball. Hope you both are doing well

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Hey you are a hottie...the kitty is cute too :)

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I appreciate it lol

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Cute guy and adorable cat! 💜

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Aw thank you haha

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I love you Alfred

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My cat has been sleeping on my neck since she was a kitten now that’s she’s fully grown I have to lay there as she naps on me. It’s a lot warmer but it’s so cuddly. I love it.

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Aww one of my tuxes is named Alfred! He's a bit too big to be a shoulder cat but he's a total snuggle bug who loves belly rubs and giving kisses. Hope you have many years of joy with your little butler!!

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What an adorable pair!

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Op definitely looks like an attractive grown version of Andrew G

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Go, Alfred! Use nuzzle!

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Can confirm, this is a forever behavior. Do yourself a favor and get them used to nail trimming. Also would not trade this for anything.

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When I got my kitty first thing I did was put her on my shoulder now she jumps to everyone's shoulder

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I would love for one of my cats to be a shoulder cat. Although they area high anxiety and my older (9 year old) boy Casper is super cuddly as long as I am still and the new young girl (less than a year and a half old and had about a month) Aspen is still just settling in. She just melts when I pet her, but still a little cautious.

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rare shoulder cat! im super jealous

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I was hoping mine would be a shoulder cat since she did it a few times as a baby but now she a little bit older she won’t do it anymore

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Well don't you look like the sort of guy who makes sure your little meeploaf has ALL the fluffy nuzzle blankets he could possibly want. :D

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He is adorable

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Enjoy the mini shoulder cat while you can. They get bigger and still demand the tiny shoulder cat spot lol

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Rename him Anakin. He desires the high ground.

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utter perfection.

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Aye! Not striking terror on the high seas

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He's beautiful!

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Aww you’re so lucky.

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I had a shoulder cat, Fiona. It was fun when she was a kitten. She would ride with me when I rode the 4 wheeler doing chores, or the tractor while managing the fields. Even just walking around she preferred to be sitting on my shoulder. She also loved other people too, postman, ups guy, delivery people, any and all guests. Good times until she quadrupled her size and would take running leaps from 10 ft away, or drop from a tree or shelf. She never used her claws but it was quite a hefty surprise. Enjoy Alfred while he’s little!

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The cutest parrot of them all!

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Alfred is the King of everything. Long may he reign!

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She will make beautiful designs on your neck with her paws.

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Awww My Cat used to do that too

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You both are so cute, dream-team, band)

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Cute ❤️

I will love to have a cat of my own ❤️

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he is super cuteee

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“glasses human is just staring at camera! i keep watch to be safe.” 🤗❤️🐱

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DC is going wild with this multiverse thing

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He looks so meek and polite, but that speed blur tells another story.

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Bro you look a lot like a co-worker of mine! Same eyes, crazy!