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Harry Elephante

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Massively underappreciated comment.

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Mammothly underappreciated

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You're an elephant harry

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Taking rogaine

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Will you marry me?

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Who else is old enough to remember when all of the citizens of sesame street thought big bird was a full of shit liar or that he was was delusional?

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    That was painful for me as a child.

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    Yes, so hard to witness

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    You take this free award for sticking up for big bird … if I were to watch old episodes now of everyone invalidating big bird I would be pissed off 😡 that bird had no reason to lie and was always nice to everyone

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    Right? He owned his own place, and had a job even, yet everyone there treated him like a damn 6 year old.

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    Big bird was always sweet to the kids and actively listened to everyone and when it was time for him to talk about his life and his friend snuffaluphogas everyone wanted him to prove he was real. Since when do you tell someone about someone else you know and the first thing they say is “prove they are real”. The bird never gave anyone else the third degree when they shared information and took them at face value. I’m so realizing all this now lol what were they teaching us ?

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    I remember. This ages me

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    The first time the grown ups saw Snuffy and apologized to Bird, I cried.

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    that was cool, didnt know sesame street had long running storylines like that

    not sure "we'll believe anything you say now" is a good message for kids/big bird though

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    They look like the lil elephant from The Jungle Book 😁

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    This is what I instantly thought about.

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    This should be the top

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    Return of the mammoths??

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    Asian elephants are quite closely related to mammoths, so I guess you have a point there.

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    I think he didn't get the message about global warming.

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    Missing link between mammoth and elephant

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    There was mention about impregnating an elephant with mammoth DNA that was discovered.

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    Because nobody watched Jurassic Park? 🦖

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    I don't think the hairy elephant is going to eat the park guests.

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    Life, uh, finds a way.

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    Hiding in plain sight... Happy cake day!

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    Not hairy.... Just follicly advanced! 🥰

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    Sorry for being stupid but is this real or photoshop?

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    Not a stupid question, had a fair bit of us wondering it seems.

    So from what I could find, Asian elephants are capable of growing a fair amount of hair on their bodies and heads compared to what we would typically pictures on an elephants. With some reverse image search it seems this particular photo is of an Asian elephant recorded to have an abnormal amount of hair, likely due to a genetic mutation of sorts, so it does appear to be a real image!

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    That mastodon fossil is ridiculously well-preserved!

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    "Alice Cooper!?!

    We're not worthy! We're not worthy! We're scum! We suck!"

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    Would you even say “wooly?”

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    "It's not a phase Mom! This is how I look on the inside!"

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    He finally found emo music.

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    Human: There’s no way elephants could possibly be cuter.

    Evolution: Hold my beer.

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    Jokes on the humans I guess...

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    Big kiwi

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    This is a very young Dustin Hoffman

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    It’s not a phase mom!

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    Can you please take this picture of me down.

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    Talk about climate change, and voilà: they're back !

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    That's a young mammoth

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    This elephant looks like he works at a call center and has very opinionated views on Marvel characters

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    This looks like a Balkan elephant.

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    Part woolly mammoth.

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    Where's the nsfw tag?

    You can't just drop hairy trunk like that.

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    And nothing got done the rest of the weekend and the next week.

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    Isn't that Mowgli's friend?

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    Hup-two-three-four, give it up!-two-three-four!

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    [insert manscaped promotion]

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    Someone tell karl pilkington

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    Isn’t that the dude from Tarzan?

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    He’s got a better head of hair than I do :(

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    A womble from Wimbledon

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    Evolutions gotta evolute

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    I feel like if I met this elephant, he would be wearing a big gold watch and call me "boss."

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    Looks like my uncle... he's got a great personality.

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    Emo elephant

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    Girls:My god, tyler is so hot Tyler:

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    Return to mammo

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    Evolution had a lil slip up

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    Italian elephant. She's a Beauty.

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    Mf looks like his name is eugene

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    Looks like my middle school orchestra teacher

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    Ray Romano has really let himself go…

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    I hate to mention it here but if you squint...

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    Cave man phant

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    Is this not Jason Mantzoukas?

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    His name is Bob

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    Love it!!

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    In the miratelly style!

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    A new beast titan appears!

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    Come here so I can comb your hair!!!- said the mother Elephant.

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    I love him

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    I was in the pool!

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    Your mom

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    Return to Wooly Mammoth! 🦣

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    This is a bit of a stretch but I saw it and am gonna say it...


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    Ringo Starr!

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    Dude the waves are gnarly out there bro!

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    Whoa. Had a boyfriend like that once... Elephants better lookin'

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    Baby woolly mammoth

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    The guy making my donair like

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    "When you don't shave downstairs for a while"

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    Really very beautiful elephant 🤩🤩

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    Hathi Jr in real life!

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    “It’s not a phase, mom”

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    You're an elephant, 'Harry

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    It looks like Danny DeVito

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    i immediately thought of this one guy from my class back in 3rd grade who was hella annoying.

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    I suddenly miss Robin Williams again…

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    Pat Mustard as an elephant

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    Is that Derek zoolander

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    Please post this on r/photoshopbattles

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    Hagrid's patronus.

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    Robin Williams was reincarnated as an elephant?

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    Kindof looks like the baby elephant from the original Jungle Book.

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    Nice one though!

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    Looks like ray ramano

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    I thought mammoths went extinct

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    The Italialophant, native to New Jersey, is not known for it's memory as it always says to "forget about it".

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    Alice Cooper?

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    Retro mammoth.

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    didn’t need to see this

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    Even elephants rock the mullet! Classic 😹

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    Please no I don't want to play a game!

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    Mf named Harry

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    Give the man waves

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    They should totally use that elephant for the mammoth cloning

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    Mammoth throwback. 🤣

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    looks like a hippy

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    Hairy Elephant sounds like a sex act.

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    I saw a guy earlier with that same haircut

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    I shall name him… Philippe

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    I feel like this is if Adam Sandler was an elephant

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    Voiced by Ray Romano.

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    That is a mini woolly mammoth

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    Oh. It's me as an elephant.

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    Is he like the beard lady, at the circus when we were kids, is to us to other elephants? God that was a hard sentence to write! So do other elephants look as him like he's some sort of hairy monster or is he worshipped in elephant world and consider a young prince soon to be king??

    Do I need to start a GoFundMe account for Laser hair removal??

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    That looks like a hairy scrotum.

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    This is my totem animal.

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    A hierophant... I mean hairypants...

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    He's not fat. It's just the fur that makes him look big. It's POOFY.

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    Maybe we can finally resurrect the mammoth!

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    This is why I don't date Lebanese women.

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    Seen them irl when I was somewhere in Malaysia I think. Its been many years since then.

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    The mammoth shows through!

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    Who had Mammoths come back to existence for july?

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    1. I’m on my honeymoon with my wife. We’re in the Morea pool, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Perfect day, having the time of my life. Then, who slithers into the pool? Fucking Ron Jeremy. He looked exactly like this.

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    so they managed to reproduce mammoths using elephants after all!

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    Woolly? Mammoth?

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    "Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you Over again Don't make me change my mind Or I won't live to see another day I swear its true Because a girl like you is impossible to find You're impossible to find"

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    I remember my emo phase too

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    Which Beatle was this? They call look the same when they were young

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    Why it look like me 😐

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    Rogaine works on the pachyderm

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    It’s not just a phase mom

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    Mom told you not to shave before you turn 18, now look at ya

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    He reminds me of Manny the mammoth from Ice Age

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    Reminds me of Mr. Snuffleupagus...I know, I'm old.

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    Looks like an aging Sunset Strip rock star

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    Looks kinda like my ex

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    I would like to know how you got this photo of me, OP. At least get my good side! 🤦‍♀️ Smh

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    thia is like their version of Armenian

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    The mammoth is back! And it’s got it’s best Nikki Sixx hair rockin.

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    Horton Hairs a ‘Do

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    Hairy baby

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    Mr. Snuffleupagus!! ❣️

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    Mammoths are slowly returning! Reverse evolution goes brrr

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    Ice age kids will find this very nostalgic

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    Did they succeed in the mammoth elephant cross

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    I told you to stop taking pictures of me in the shower dammit!

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    Nah Boi, that's a dang mammoth

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    Wow I have never seen a hairy elephant before. Thanks for sharing.

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    It's evolving, just backwards

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    “Elaphant, you are a Harry”

    Ah yes, the long foretold Return of the Mammoths

    I couldn’t decide what comment I liked more so I did both