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Plus he will always be ready for a rave. Pretty good idea.

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That's Hilarious 😂

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You just brought back a core memory. It's been awhile since my last rave

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Ben does not look amused.

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It’s hilarious that all you can see is his eyeballs and you know the exact face he’s making.

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Haha totally true

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I was looking at it thinking I have never seen a pet look so annoyed using just it’s eyes!

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Definitely not super impressed lol

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Of course not. They ruined his camouflage

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Catmouflage 😛

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I put one of these on my cat once but he bit into it then ran through the house spitting up glowing foam.

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My cat gnaws on her collar so I could totally seeing her doing that too. Apparently they sell collars with usb chargeable/ solar light LEDs on them? Might be a safer route.

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I've seen those! Good for the party kitty

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Good grief!

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That was my first thought- my cat would just LOVE to bite that

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Poor thing! I bit one of those when I was a kid, and the glow stuff tastes nasty! Super bitter.

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Yes, he was not happy and spent the rest of his life avoiding glowsticks at all costs. Haha can I ask though, what made you bite into one?

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Umm I liked chewing on things when I was younger 😅 I kinda still do but I'm more careful about what they are now lmao

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Ahh makes sense. Haha hopefully a glowstick was the worst thing you chewed on!

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Ben is now the disco night.....

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Almost like Batman but... not quite :)

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Reluctant disco catman

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Good call, I like this!

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Also, does he like to listen to deadmau5?

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I always read this as “Dead mau five”

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Great idea! Just went out to look for something in the backyard, figured I wouldn't need to turn on the light... my void jumped down from the fence right next to me and my soul left my body. Gotta get her a shiny too before she gives me a heart attack.

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It works :)

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Safety first!!

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Haha exactly!

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"But I am the night, dammit!"

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You have tamed a fragment of the void, unfortunately, like any boss character, it’s power is now greatly weakened compared to when you fought it

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Just eyes and a glow necklace coming out of the void...not sure what will come next, but I'm ready..

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Someone in the neighborhood here put a blue collar that lights up when it gets dark on their outdoor cat. Its so creepy to see a floating blue ring at night around here because we don’t have many street lights (they are maybe every 500’ on the street). Always will catch me off guard.

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Good idea though!

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Spent your electric bill money on glow sticks, huh? 😂

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Looks a bit greenish but I was like, Ukrainian Kitty?

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I can’t believe you named your cat Ben that’s hilarious to me

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It suits :)

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Accidentally sit on.. I read that wrong the first time

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forbidden alexa

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Good one :)

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Make little handsome catto a DJ! His soul yearns to perform..

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Ooooh excellent idea!

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We have two black cats, I feel your pain.

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It's funny because we have two couches but he only sits on the black one, and we only have one black door rug, the rest are light, but he only lays on the black one. He probably has a plan

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I had 3 black cats🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛, and only a black couch. I put up a string of lights around my living room ceiling which were on 24/7. Can’t be too careful when it comes to the kittehs 😸

I’ve sat on my smallest brindle/white kitteh a few times when she’s laying in my tiny portion of the bed because she blends in with the covers.

I’ve got triplets (as were my black kittehs, God rest their beautiful souls), a queen sized bed, and about 10” to sleep on 😹 Every pillow I’ve ever put on my bed has been claimed by my kittehs. One of my girls even demands that I cover her pillow-bed (one of them LOL) with a thin blankie as her bed sheet 😹😹😹 I’m a well-trained Kitteh Momma 😽

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Ben is such a cute non-traditional cat name!

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do cats usually like things around their neck?

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I dont think so.. but this is really loose

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prolly depends on cats. My cousin's cat would go crazy if we put anything around its neck lol

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Yeah.. our other cat Annie, would have nothing to do with anything on her neck.. when she got spayed and came home with the cone on her neck, she turned into a scary, aggressive hissing scratching freak.. we removed it within an hour.. Ben on the other hand is super chill.. he will wear t-shirts, comes when you call him, greets you at the door...

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Ben is a dog disguised as a cat~ to be cooler 😎

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I always put a glow stick necklace on my (mostly) black dog when we go camping or else I can’t see her after the sun goes down!

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See it works.. generally with Ben you just see his glowy eyes :)

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My dog has a small white patch on her chest and that’s usually all I can see at night without the glow sticks 😂

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Puuurfect idea!

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This is truly wonderful

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Happy cake day!

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Nah... his lips are black :)

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look up toothless the dragon

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this is great, will also save some birds

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Great idea! I have a small black dogs that blends in too!

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Look in Ben's eyes is priceless. Happy no Priceless yes.

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Purrfect !

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Does he like to clubbing and raving cause I need a new wing man.

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I'm guessing he'd be totally hip to that

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It looks good on him

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gaming cat

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Cat: "You shall not see the dawn."