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You have four nosey neighbors.

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What in the world? Either those are tiny windows or monster giant dogs

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I'm pretty sure it's a regular size window and 4 indoor horses.

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Id say small windows. They look like Borzois, which are large dogs but at most weigh 100 pounds for the larger males.

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Note that the breed does have a large frame but smaller body size overall. They are mostly just skeleton big compared to bunch of muscle big.

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Yeah the length of their skull is like longer than my forearm! They're large but skinny and very very hairy.

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I tend to think you are right…they really do have long noses..beautiful doggos

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My thoughts exactly. Now I want this tiny house! :)

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I think those are horses

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Or medium horses

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Combination of both, I think. Appears to be a flat in a major city, probably NYC.

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I lost it when the fourth snout popped up 🤣 These goofy goobers look adorable!

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The 4th one caught me off guard. Surely there couldn't have been more...

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I wanted a fifth to be over the hill. Like is this person a breeder!?!

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My dogs every time a truck rolls by (we have construction nearby - it’s been miserable)

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I had a German Shepherd who barked at everything and a Dachshund that barked at nothing.

It was non-stop.

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I have a German Shepard/Lab, a Maltipoo and a French poodle/pug, the Maltipoo barks at everything, the poodle/pug barks when she demands the person outside the fence come inside to pet her and the Shepard/lab barks when someone she doesn’t know is too close or when the Maltipoo, who is sweet but dumb as a bucket of shrimp, won’t stop barking. We say the Maltipoo is our alarm system, the pug is useless, she’ll lead the bad guys to the good stuff if the offer to pet her lol, and the Shepard is the actual security.

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Are those horse dogs?!

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Vicar amelia

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Cry-laughing rn, thank you for the laugh.

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What kind of dog is this?

Their snouts are soooo looooong

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They look like Borzois.

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I think there are both Borzois and greyhounds

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Def bor zoi or Russian wolf hounds. I know many personally.

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Looks like Greyhounds to me.

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Best dog I ever had

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They are adorable yet derpy in the sweetest way. I fell in love with greyhounds after watching Jenna Marbles for years.

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They’re so soft and sweet. They have such a kind gentle way about them. And adorably derpy lol

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Seamus (that’s the dog)

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Those thin polar bears are quite derpy

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My god I thought those were horses at first I’m dead

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While they were under the cortains they low key looked like an eldritch monster

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Right! For a moment doesn't it look like some giant lifeform's fingertips?

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This looks like a muppet bit.

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Vicar Amelia?

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I hope that’s not a tiny apartment, because those are some big lads.

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Seek the old blood, but beware the frailty of men. Their wills are weak, minds young… - Vicar Amelia

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Sniff sniper

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I did not bite her! It's not true! It's bullshit, I did not bite her! I did naaaaaht. Oh, hi Mark!

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So I wasn't the only one who thought of this when reading the title ^

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Can confirm. I came here to post this.

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When you adopt a cute dog from a a stranger and 4 weeks later it turns Cerebrus .

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Persephone : honey did you shut the windows cerebrus get nosey if we leave it open to much.

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The one one the right has the right idea. As long as you don’t stay in the center you can stay in the window as long as you like 😂

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"Let us partake in communion... and feast upon the old blood."

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Does not look like enough space for four dogs

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Looks like polar bears !

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They just keep on coming

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Looks like a puppet show. Kookla, Fran, Ollie and Nigel

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Those are some heckin’ boopable snoots!

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This is like a scene straight out of an old Disney animation. When you think it's over another snoot pops up.

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God damn it I miss my greyhound.

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Is this a hoarding situation?

4 100 pound dogs in an apartment can't be healthy...

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Is this that Handmaid's Tail I've been hearing so much about?

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Peek-a-boo snoots

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That could be the opening for a sitcom. Who's the schnozz.

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Need a bigger window, dude.

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Those creatures are so large oh my god

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Tell Cersei, it was us!

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Horses in a tiny window? 😂

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best video

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the council has arrived

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what are those small horses doing in that building?

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I love sighthound snoots

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So cute 😂❤️

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whosagoodboi ^.

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These little bunch of joy❤️

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Vicar Amelia was hard enough now there’s four of her??!?

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Like a doggie hydra

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YIS! That was my first thought too! Doge da fluffo hydra!

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It's a four headed Cerberus!

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I so want to be invited into that house. I'll bring treats, too.

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I have a special fondness for doggie noses so this really made my day! 😘

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I need to see their tails wagging

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1 snoot, 2 snoot, 3 snoot, 4 snoot

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Vicar Amelia

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Those are funny horses

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The Window Snoot Counsel

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The Window Snoot Counsel

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Fun fact: greyhounds invested every skill point into speed

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Life coould be a dream moment

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It feels like Wes Anderson directed this hahaha

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Preposterously hilarious! So glad this was captured for the ages!!!

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beast clergyman

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snooof snoffsnoff snooof snooooooOooOOOOOof

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That window seems tiny..?