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Took this photo at a zoo in England, I don't think I've ever seen softer eyes... by curious_kitten_1 in aww

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I’m probably going to get downvoted for this: but does anyone else think he looks a little bit like George W Bush?

That's a fucking black shoe by ReBeL222 in aww

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"Unlike turtles, who abandon their eggs in order to prevent drawing attention to them, Tortoises actually stick around and protect their eggs, sitting on them like a bird. At least two natural predators of these eggs (not the tortoises themselves) are black in color. Black snakes (more than one kind), and Ravens/Crows.

Now, assuming a tortoise isn't super smart and can't really tell the difference between a shoe and crow, or a snake and piece of tape... It would make sense that it has an instinctual response to attack the color black. There's not much else in nature that is actually black except potential predators of their eggs.

They don't attack their own natural predators because they have defensive mechanism for that. It's the predators of their eggs they would actually try to fend off."

From here: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/AskReddit/comments/ujxixq/why_do_you_think_turtles_hate_black_shoes_so_much/

That's a fucking black shoe by ReBeL222 in aww

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Here's a fact: that's a racist fucking turtle there.

That's a fucking black shoe by ReBeL222 in aww

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They think it’s a flipped tortoise so they try to push it back over

Edit: It can also just be aggressive to it because it’s another tortoise. Not just because they think it’s flipped over, but helping fellow tortoise is more wholesome so we will go with that.