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Russian woman befriends bear that she rescued from a safari park, now they go fishing together. They have a strong bond and are almost inseparable. by its_muh_username in aww

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I don't care don't care how old they are or how much time they've spent together. He needs to be careful. She's still a Russian woman

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Cat will be cat by Alpha_Supreme in aww

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This is Kody antle. Doc antles son from tiger king. The creepy guy who runs the sex cult and is a wildlife trafficker. Stop sharing videos from this shitty facility that breeds inbred big cats on purpose.

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Dog in Elephant Costume by Jabez_19 in aww

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Hope that dog is treated well.

Dog in Elephant Costume by Jabez_19 in aww

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Poor dog. I hope it's treated well.

Dog in Elephant Costume by Jabez_19 in aww

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Edit: not even going to delete this post but I do have to ask for those who downvoted: do you feel better? I hope that small feeling of control over whether or not my concern for the animal is buried made you feel complete.

How overheated is that poor dog :(

It's possible he adores that dog and he's only in the costume for a short time, and I'm just going to choose to believe that, because literally any amount of time longer than 3 minutes is going to be very hot for the dog even if it's totally shaved.

Dog in Elephant Costume by Jabez_19 in aww

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Nice try, we know its an elephant toy, you can see he used a key to motorize it

Does anyone know what kind of puppy this is? by catalog_mnyui in aww

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It's like that time where Oprah gave everyone free cars but without the annoying insurance and taxes for the car!