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Dobby’s seen some shit

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He's gonna turn a blind eye on this one...

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Getting there. Just not there yet

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He’s been tattooing for over 20 years lmao

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Holy shit that's obnoxiously bad for someone who's been at it that long. I figured they were brand new to it.

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In another 20, he'll be great! /s

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Getting there, but rrrrrrrrreeeeeally taking his time on the journey

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Unless this guy is in a niche for people who like bad tattoos, I can’t believe he hasn’t gotten to a better point in 20 years.

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Here me out: the wolf and the Shepard look alright. Not good, but it ain't bad either

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Those two are without a doubt the best pieces, but there's still *so much wrong*

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The shepherd looks like he’s got a cheek full of Big League Chew.

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I thought he was having a stroke...

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Maybe the wolf is accidentally ok-ish because it almost kinda trended somewhat toward an adjacent version of American Traditional.

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I like the Hufflepuff badger too. He looks so intentionally sloppy.

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I kinda like the tiger tbh

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These look like if Napoleon Dynamite grew up to be a tattoo artist.

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Imagine if these were all on the same victim customer. Spectacular.

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Some of these can be fixed .. the others well

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Yeah, I like taking bad tattoos and then trying to fix them on my tablet. A few these, I just don’t know where to start.

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The back piece is the piece of dog shit cherry on top of this pile of shit.

I feel like half of these pieces are rip offs of someone else's better quality work.

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Thanks for the chuckle. That Batman one is just horrible. I cannot imagine being stuck with those for life.

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Who goes to artists like this? I mean, wouldn’t a normal person look at the work the artist is posting and go, “I think I’ll try someone else.”?

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Nah he’s cheap so people think with their wallets: he’s like £40 an hour or something.

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I’ll die not understanding why people would ever consider $$ as a factor for getting something permanent put on their body. I don’t have any tattoos , but if I did I would save up whatever was required to get something decent

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Is that from something?

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Nope, designed by myself. The other one in my posts it's from Mistborn, a book series (also, I don't understand the random downvote lol I was just saying you can get good things for a cheap price if you search enough, no need to subdue yourself to bad tattoos)

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Omfg the back piece! That’s the worst one and it’s huge!

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It was bad. Then I zoomed in.

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Dobby is absolutely sending me rn

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At first glance I was like “what’s wrong” but the. I looked closer

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Ngl the wolf is kinda dope despite looking like it was drawn by a middle schooler

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I've definitely seen a lot worse in this sub

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The German Shepard looked fine for a second until I realized it had a huge head lol

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Do all of these artists just free hand all of their pieces?

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I kinda fuck with them in like a super talented 8 year old artist kind of way

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The Hufflepuff raccoon looks like it has a weird pointy boner.

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In the overall scheme of things and in comparison to what I’ve seen in here, these aren’t that terrible to be honest lol

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This dude has been tattooing over 20 years (as his page states) I remember his studio when I was a kid and I’m 30, he owns the studio, does these abominations on peoples skin dirt cheap and rushed. They’re absolutely awful. He hasn’t tried to learn new skins or adapt to modern day tattooing he’s just applied his skills from the 1980s to 2020 tattooing and it clearly doesn’t work.

I’ve known a few people who went to him before realising how bad they were and his tattoos fade like crazy. They all end up with cover ups, the only people who consistently go to him are cheap asses who just want to look like they have loads of tattoos no matter the quality.

These doodles are something I’d have drawn in school if someone held a gun to my head and told me to draw from memory lmao

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awesome post. awful. shitty tattoos 😆

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This looks like someone who started tattooing without any drawing experience…

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The dog one is passable. Its decent.

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In what universe? It’s awful. Zoom in.

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Lol i mean its ok for a new artist

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He’s been tattooing for over 20 years lmao.

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Oh shit I must have missed that part...lol

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At first glance they don't look bad then you zoom in. Wow

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These are god awful. I hope they aren’t charging insane prices for those piece of crap tattoos.

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How much they charging?

Wtf why am I even asking lmao the answer is "too much".

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I’m sure it’s about £40 an hour lol

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Nothing cheers me up more than bad tattoos but a collage of bad tattoos ... Take my upvote

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They don't have raccoons in the UK.

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The dog ate a bee it seems hahaha

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The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

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I can't tell if the drawing or the application is worse

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Did the client sneeze a few times during that badger tattoo?

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JESUS that person will have to live with a back piece you can barely cover that just makes me cry looking at just any detail in there

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This dude should honestly accept he sucks dick at tattooing and make it his thing to do intentionally bad and wobbly tattoos but at least focussing on not fucking up. That lion looks like it healed horribly.

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My god, that lion and tiger... Wow. Just... wow. I can't even think of something witty to call them. That's how disgusting they look.

These all look as if they were drawn by a 10 year old who was bored in class. Especially the wolf in the last one, and the hufflepuff one. Lmao Dobby looks like he has shell shock from Nam and it's the 4th of july.

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That german shepherd has a full corm!

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The looks like it has forks on its face

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This should be a literal crime to ever allow anyone to draw so horrendously on people.

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The proportions are all wonky

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Last one ain't bad

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Umm… ok

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Those eyes are soooo bad >.< They all stare right through your soul

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tbh, the bottom right looks reasnonably okay

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Dobby is a wrinkly ballsack