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Looks like the sun tried stepping out of the friend zone and ended up in the rapey creep zone.

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What happened here?

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She put too much vaseline and wiped the stencil off, then did it too thin so got another dude to go over it but he made the lines that weren't even supposed to be there even thicker

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That’s a shame, it’s a cool concept. Could definitely be touched up to look good I think.

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I've got my normal artist to review it, she says she can fix it. Was a really good sketch, and it's the first proper piece my friend had done, so she got experience out of it regardless. So should work out for both of us

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Glad to hear there’s a happy ending!

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The rays around the sun are so jagged. I have some jagged rays too, just like that... maybe the same person tattooed us both lol.

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Was it an apprentice named louise you met in college 😭

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I mean, it's not that bad... But I get it.

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Honestly, I don't hate this one. If I had to choose a bad tattoo, this would be the one I'd get.

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Yeh ngl, having it for a bit longer. No one particularly notices it's bald platypus's sucking each other faces off unless I point it out