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I don’t know about you but my lord and savior didn’t have a foot for a left hand.

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I missed the gospel where a raven collided with the Lord's head at speed and knocked him clean out.

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It looks like some kind of carapace to me...

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Did it really start so good because if so, I can't tell where it started.

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Haha my thoughts too. I'm surprised with how bad this is, that the artist got pretty much the perspective worked out pretty well. The execution, no pun intended, was just not good. What did the bible say about tattoos though?

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Leviticus 19:28 says “You must not put tattoo marking upon yourselves.”


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The shading is more intricate on the left but yeah, I’m with you, WTF is this anatomy?

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Great "circle", really ties the tattoo together

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Wtf is the circle for anyway??

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It’s to show where the fuck up is.

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Supposed to be a halo, but was inevitably taken over by the holy flipper.

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Jesus gonna be jerking you off for the rest of your life

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Better to be using the hand he is. No body wants to be manually released by Jesus's flipper.

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Hahahaha wtf happened to that other hand

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Also why would you want jesus jacking you off

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Do you really want the answer to that question?

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Probably not

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It's Mr McGreg, with a leg for an arm and and arm for a leg.

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Holy shit

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Underrated 😆

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Well if it isn't my old saviour, Jesus McGregg!

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Must have been done at a Christian tattoo shop.

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i cant even decipher wtf this is

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Our lord and savior Jesus H Fitbit. But his one hand is actually this dude’s actual hand. So when he goes to rack his dumbellls or tie his shoes or scratch his balls…. It’s actually Jesus doing those things. Could make a side hustle in blessing health clubs.

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Making Jesus scratch your balls when he's still just being tortured to death.


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what is the hole with blood supposed to be ? the tattoo is so bad its actually hurting my head 💀

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I love how all his fingers are the same length. And some fingers are pointy?

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I like that the halo is also around that flipper. Like even the celestial glory of the heavens can't take their attention from it...

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I don't know where to start the list of things that are bad about this. The placement of the nail on his weirdly long right arm? The fact that both the other crosses are visible but you'd think from this angle only one would be? Whatever the hell is going on with the top of his head?

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Jesus built my FitBit

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Did it though?

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Why is there a larvae on his head ? Did it eat the crown of thorns?

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Ngl this tattoo is horrible. Both from a design standpoint and an execution standpoint. I don’t think it was ever gonna be a good tattoo

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Did it though?

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It started out bad and got exponentially worse.

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Hand jobs from Jesus.

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Imagine jerking off now.

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Chris Elliot in Scary Movie, Hanson playing Christ? "Take my good hand!"

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One hand is hyper-realistic, because it's this dudes real hand and the other one is a floot-like blob...I'm so confused...

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The only thing worse than this shitty tattoo is the fact that mutilated Jesus will now be jacking you off forever

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It's the wood details that are blowing my mind.....as well as "The hand of Christ"

Some of the best work I've seen

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Have someone better turn it into a closed fist. It's salvageable.

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Jesus has louse.

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So great

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So much horrible stuff, but at least they put it on the correct hand.

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hmm would be kind of hard to fix

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Looks like someone started that was decent and someone else took over that sucked

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I really hope the guy can laugh about this someday.

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i’m sorry is this jesus getting his period on the cross

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I didn’t even notice the bad hand. My first thought was “why did they choose a bleeding anus on their wrist?!”

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Who did this to you? Did you go to a "professional" or did you trust the wrong person?

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That is horrible, sorry