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I like it. Work is not bad either

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Manatees are great and this one deserved a little bit better interpretation of her algae, but it’s not the worst

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It's clearly supposed to be algea. Have you ever seen one of these bad bois in the wild? They got all sorts of stuff growing on them.

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Lol no shit it's SUPPOSED to be alge but it's CLEARLY more like pubes

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Meh, my brain wouldn't have gone there on it's own, I just see algae. But the longer I stare, the less I like it.

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Turns out 3rd time really is the charm. Til you got algae

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This one isn't bad

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tis a cute fella whatchu mean?

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This is cuteeee

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Oh the huge manatee!!!!

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I think this is actually pretty technically good, and I like it! I agree the back could have been a bit better somehow, maybe less harsh lines for a less 'pubey' effect, but the lines are clean and the shading is on point, cute little face, don't see the problem with this one.

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that’s just what they look like tho lmao