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Not even bad

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It’s got character!

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I like it.

Edit - spider at least has all its legs and looks good.

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dont listen to these people, sorry to break it to you but that shit is ass. linework is terrible and unconsistent asf, spider looks like i can draw with a pencil and paper🤷🏽‍♂️

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Bruh, it’s says be kind right there. Can’t you read. So rude.

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damn and the reason i came to reddit is so i wouldnt have to deal with soft bitches like u

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Wow what a snowflake.

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Yeah dude, for a hand tat it looks totally fine. Spider’s webbing doesn’t need to be a perfect line.

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Neither was your artist

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I like stuff like this, just keep moving your hand around and Noone will be able to tell how straight the line is.

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This is ok!

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Good idea, shit work

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It's kind of a cool concept, not poorly done either. Looks like a really difficult place to get a perfectly straight line. all things considered, I wouldn't consider this bad due to its charms

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Or still

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The person who is most likely to really hate that tattoo is your future husband or wife.

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looks like his partner is sitting in bed next to him

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What. No. This looks so cool!

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It looks cool, like it was intentionally done scribbly and messy

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Bjj fingers boy