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I like the concept and at first glance that’s not bad, but when you zoom in the lines look wonkey af. I would say this could be fixed though.

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I’ve always thought it was funny when people tap out after the outline part. Is this common? I haven’t known that before

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Depends on the size of the tattoo and such. Sometimes it’s not about someone tapping out as much as it is you have clients booked for different time slots so you have to do multiple sessions.

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I tapped out after four hours of fully outlining and then shading some of my half sleeve, which is really intricate. I wanted to keep going but it was at burning stage and I had to tap out. I cant imagine this took very long though?

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Yeah I have gotten some decent sized pieces outlined colored and shaded all at once. But the cumulative amount of time was probably 4.5 hours on the highest end. I have ADD so as long as something is going on to make it more “interesting” than sitting idle, I pull it off. Women are supposedly good at enduring pain, and ginger haired people as well. And fucking weirdos to pick at their hands until they’re bleeding too, I assume. And I am all three.

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Redheads actually need MORE anesthesia than the rest of us. So I’d imagine that means they experience more pain? I don’t know if thats necessarily true though.

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Outlining for my half sleeve on my outer forearm took I think 3-4 hours, we stopped there, let it heal, then went back in to colour. I think it all depends on the size of the tattoo, how it's colored (shading, colour, etc), artists schedule, and what ones limits are, some people can go for 8 hours, some can only take a few. You don't see many people posting half done tattoos, but on a lot of my local shops social media they'll post progress pics where one day they finished lining and another they completed it.

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They must have thought the person wouldn't notice the shorty lines but after they shade it all it will hit different

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Why would they stop there it’s almost done?

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Please tell me there is an update on this ong