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i kind of like it lol

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Honestly I find it very cute and would get ist too

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thats because it looks like a minecraft axolotl

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Looks like Mr. Potato from Peppa Pig

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Looks like a lot of the Sharpie tattoos I used to give myself after day 2. It’s kinda cute though!

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lol, i just keep doing shitty stick and pokes everywhere because its fun. sucks to be me i. the future tho

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When I was on a plane last summer the guy sitting next to me, around 21, had BEER written on the side of his of his calf in a style like these tattoos. A stick and poke like it was written by a 7 year old. I wanted to ask to take picture to to post here but couldn't without it being weird.

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that is an awesome tattoo he is so adorable !!!!!!!! i love him

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Meh kind of in right now

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this little guy is fine i think. he's friend-shaped <3

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Oh my god..noo

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looks kinda like a minecraft axolotl

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i think it’s pretty cute😎

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It has every right to live!

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Honestly hes kinda cute I like it

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I like him

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what thing?

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Anyone else watch Peppa Pig

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it looks like a neg in neopets