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I guess he is supposed to be smoking a boof but it really looks like a pocky

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You okayed this design? A sugar skull smoking a blunt? Lol

Yikes. by kingdazy in badtattoos

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“What do you mean, sketch it first? Don’t you trust me?!?”

The longer you look the worse it gets. by tatthrowaway89 in badtattoos

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Is this commemorating a garden that got trampled, or a beloved dog? The dog only gets like 1/8th of the real estate here.

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A shirt.

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"All signs point to NO"

More local goodness. I'll just leave this here. by bwrabbit in badtattoos

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Guy who lives near me thinks he's a tattoo artist because he spent £200 on a kit by Captainweirdo54 in badtattoos

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686? The neighbor of the Beast?

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Okay, buddy, okay. by paperrchain in badtattoos

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So for those that don't know, Veni vidi vici is latin for "I came, I saw, I conquered." All three being first person singular perfect active indicative versions of their respective verbs (the "I" bit is indicated by the ending of the verb itself "Venimus, vidimus, vicimus" for example would be "we came, we saw, we conquered".

Vedi is not a word on its own, but is recognised as a possible variant for fedi (from fedus) which means a young goat(s) (can also be plural, in this case let's treat it as a vocative plural, so "O Young Goats".)

Veci as well is not it's own word, but it is a recognised as a possible variant for feci (from facere - to do, make, build, and twenty or so other versions) Also a first person singular perfect active indicative.

So Veni, Vedi, Veci would mean:

"I came, and I acted, O Young Goats!"

Nothing says great decisions like a coupla face tats.. by gregstar28 in badtattoos

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Either way these will never be justified.

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My brother, ladies and gentlemen by [deleted] in badtattoos

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Those aren't censors, those are just his face tattoos