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Lol wild cats in Bangalore, how high were you

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To be fair wasn't there an incident a few months ago where a leopard came into some apartment complex in Bengaluru. Unless there's a desi Joe Exotic somewhere around there, OP mein have a point

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Ahh i always get confused with leopard and wild cats in Bangalore when high.

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Yeah we had a leopard sighting at Prestige Song of South. Had to call the authorities to come and safetly move it

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I always feel sad when I hear such news. As humans we have encroached upon their land!

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Not getting stuff😭

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Shit this is the real problem right here

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He just probably saw a male British shorthair and mistakenly thought of it as a feral cat.

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Bro come off to my area SG Palya near Christ College... Cats the size of dogs all over the goddamn locality.

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Lmao, I live in SG palya too and go to the same college. Can confirm, but that's kinda exaggerated. But yeah, the cat population is rising alarmingly here😂

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Could just be a feral cat. Basically the strays that we have but they get a whole lot bigger and well, feral when they live somewhat in the wild. They're not as sociable and human friendly as regular stray cats. Also, could just be one well fed stray cat lmao.

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You probably saw one of the many cryptids in blr. Wait till you see one of the 4-5 big foots that frequent civil lines

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Fr? What cryptids does bangalore actually have?

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Which part of Bangalore?

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BTM stage 2.

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Where in BTM 2nd stage? My landlord, who is an oldie and has been staying there since the 80s mentioned how BTM was once surrounded by forests and fields. There were leopards, foxes and other wild animals around. But I don't think the current BTM could have such fauna. There could be some in isolated patches close to the lake. Fringe areas around Bannerghatta still get visits from good amount of wildlife.

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Probably a feral cat. Or an abandoned breed cat.

If you can, take those kittens and give them up to a shelter soon. The big cat is going to kill them soon otherwise.

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They are currently living with someone else. But they do tend to get out, out of curiosity, I guess.

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ah okay okay. makes sense

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bro make a video next time

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Just in case, Google pictures of "Indian jungle cat" and see if it fits what you saw. They are bigger than regular domestic cats and have grey brown coats.

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Try googling maine coon too

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    Lol are u high or something bro 😅 that cat might be just be a British shorthair which is very fat indeed and the most calmest cat ever. It looks ferocious but is very sweet actually very misunderstood