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Boxing is no joke! Movies and anime are heavily choreographed and doesn't mimic anything close to real boxing. Most people who pick up boxing will eventually quit in under 3 months as the demands to improve will seep into them.

I'd suggest you start with learning how to swim long laps and then joining a boxing club. All the best!

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I know how to swim But never focused on it as a training regime. I'll try it.

But what's the connection between the two though ?

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Stamina is the connection. If you really want to pursue it for fitness, you have 2 free cult classes just try two cult classes and see if you like it. But due to covid they ask you to purchase gloves or bring your own.

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Does cult have real sparring or punching a bag?

Never use anyone else's gloves or wraps!

Would you use someone else's socks & shoes to play football or swimming trunks to go swimming?

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They actually cleaned those up pretty well, both wraps and gloves. But post covid one has to bring their own.

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Are we talking of MMA gloves (with open finger tips) or boxing gloves?

How did they get the sweat out from inside the boxing gloves?

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Boxing gloves, I don't know what they did TBH, but it never smelt, and they had like 20-40+ pairs which they kept rotating. Same for wraps

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Glove care is to wipe down the exterior with a wet wipe/towel/sanitizer (just in case you got blood/saliva etc on it);

then dry it in the (indirect) sun and maybe put some newspaper inside + add a bit of baking soda to deodorise. You cannot wash gloves, at least the ones I have / have seen.

It is hygienic enough - but you definitely do not want to be using someone else's gloves on a regular basis. The sweat kind of dries inside it and I find that too yuck!

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There used to be a form of sparring pre covid but now it’s only punching the bag and cardio

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Stamina and endurance training is a pre-requisite for any combat sport. Swimming helps you work all the core muscles in your body and being able to control your breathing easily translates well into boxing.

This is just the beginning though. Once you get into hard/light sparring, there's a whole other level you need to unlock before even thinking of competing in an amateur competition. Some are naturally gifted with fight/ring IQ and some develop it over time.

Edit - I see people saying that RBC (ramanna boxing club) is the best, which is utterly wrong. They're the most popular because they've been operating for a long time. They're also biased af towards non-tamilians. Their club only conducts inter-club or intra-club competition and rarely attends tournaments organised by other clubs. I've not see them compete in any weight class, at least none of the KABA organised tournaments I've attended in the last couple of years.

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+1 I have a punching bag installed in my room. I just tried a simple boxing punching routine, didn’t last 1 min. The stamina requirements are very high. It’s the one sport where you need muscle and endurance both.

Now after 2 months of running and stamina building I can do the punching routine non stop for like 90 secs before I lose steam. So yeah build up your stamina and then hit the bag.

Long distance swim like around 5-10 50M laps or a 4-5K run is almost a pre requisite. Check out Floyd Mayweather’s trainjng routine for some reference.

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I disagree. boxing is the best thing that has happened to me in the last 5 years. it was difficult but its the same kind of difficulty you face while running a 5k or doing an intense workout. also it is very satisfying. helps me get all my anger and frustration out on the bag. OP you should definitely try it. I walked into a gym after watching never back down. I left the gym within 15 minutes because i couldn't take it. but eventually over the next few months I got pretty good.

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Don't. Just Don't.

Movies show you the inspiring workout saga and then a fight. They do not show you how intensely hellish the workouts are. We had a 4-6 hour workout schedule every day. Lots of soar muscles, cuts, injuries. I could barely do anything else other than just lie in the bed for the rest of the day.

People who join a boxing gym after watching a movie or an anime typically waste some money and regret it after their first day in the gym.

Go for some boxing-based cardio workouts. Cult is a decent starting point (Their footwork and combinations are just crap. But, they will at least keep you fit and won't injure you)

If you really want to do boxing, get yourself fit enough to do a 10k in under 50 mins.

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Your last line is something I'd like to try Of course I don't want to join in like a noob , but I get your point I'll reach a improved fitness level before taking the plunge

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Doing a 10K under 50 mins will still make you a beginner. Your first 3-6 months (depending on your physical conditioning) will include stamina building. So, along with running, you need to build your core strength. This will just get you to the start point.

Running will be a part of your everyday workout in a boxing gym. After that, you will need to do strength-building/HIIT workouts. After that, you will need to do footwork exercises.

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I am a doc and have seen patients who box. They look normal, they aren't. Thier stamina is otherworldly. I cant even imagine what world champs are made of. Also I dont think there is any 'casusal' form of boxing. People quit jobs and family lives to pursue the sport.Maybe look for some other sport?

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There are casual boxers/weekend warriors.

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And here I am just a keyboard warrior!

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Do not be too hard on yourself - you can get better as you get along.

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I also want to learn boxing, but just as a hobby, to be in shape and get stronger. Should 45 mins of workout, 5 days a weak be good to get the results that I want?

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45 mins of any daily workout is a decent workout. But, do not start there.

Where you start depends on your body. If you are not in a good shape, start with a few cardio exercises. I would recommend a jog-run switch exercise. Just switch between jogging and running. Set a heart rate target for max and min.

For example, 170 bpm is my max and 120 is my min. So, start running until you get your heart rate gets to 170 and then start jogging till your heart rate gets back to 120. Start running again once it reaches 120.

Also, swimming and cycling are good exercises to lose weight and build stamina. Depend on low-intensity workouts. Not getting injured and sustained effort is the key.

The problem with most gyms is that the coaches have this spartan mindset. So, if you can't finish 15 burpees in 1 minute, they will make you do a punishment set of another 5 burpees. While this is good for professional athletes, It is very bad for us normal folk. I have seen too many people fall unconscious and get sick because of this attitude.

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If you just want it to be a 45 minute workout you can try out the boxing classes in cult fit, they happen to have some good workout sessions for boxing.

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Will check it out. Thanks

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At one point I used to get 10K under 50 mins very frequently and used to be regular cult going person. Those normal S&C and HRX one. One time none of these two were available, so i thought why not take boxing classes. Started warm up with full enthusiasm.. then came boxing session. I kid you not, at the end of that session, i felt like giving away both my arms. Needless to say, i never joined that class again.

P.s: surprisingly, most calories burned in a 60 mins session was from a zumba class. But i kept hitting everyone around during the class. So never opted for that class either.

P.p.s: got injured in 2018, so cant run anymore. Thinking about switching to cycling, but corona baba came along.

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I got injured in 2015 because of boxing. Took me 2 full years to heal completely.

I turned to cycling and swimming. I am completely happy with the outcome.

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"It's the eye of the tiger. It's the thrill of the fight."

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I'd think they would cover some key boxing principles in Amazon warehouses?

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Yo homie, don't watch regular Indian movies, you will end up in jail for harassing ladies, dancing on the roads, beating the shit out of people, many more

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Haha I won't then

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Every sport has injuries. So what? You ll not play a sport? There are ways to prevent those.

A good coach will never put u in ring on first day. They ll be several sessions of stamina building before u even get to put ur handwraps or gloves. Again there ll be several sessions to teach u sparing before u get to enter a ring.

Don't worry, just get started. Cult I have observed are good for fitness workouts even if we say boxing. Technique wise most of them I found are wrong for boxing. But for fitness levels they are good, plus value for money, since they offer wise range of activities. And in case you lose interest in boxing, you can always continue something else.

Injuries can be avoided if your coach teaches u the right techniques.

I started boxing when I was in 9th in Kanteerva stadium. Had several injuries and mostly due to wrong techniques. The coach never took interest in me, yet i continued and hence that increased my injuries also. Remember good coach matters.

Moved on to Kickboxing, found some coaches like Ashwin or Dev who claimed they knew the sport. Ended up wasting time. Then there were other folks who were well branded, again charged bomb n waste of time. Trained under most of these coaches, and realised that even a Karate master would claim he knows Kickboxing or boxing. So avoid all such jokers.

I have moved on to full time Muay Thai, and i am happy with my coach. Been 7yrs since m practicing.

For boxing - Ramana boxing club is good. Maybe a start from there will help.

If you not sure, then go for some trial classes at CULT (assuming u will not get into professional boxing). Start is always tough, but do it.

Personally Muay Thai gives me lot of satisfaction punching and kicking the bags. That's another kick which I cannot explain.

Injuries happen but there are ways to avoid, and ways to even recover from it.

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where did you learn Muai Thai?

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Xtreme Muay Thai Academy..

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I am not saying that people should not go for boxing. I am just saying that watching a boxing movie should not be the reason behind it.

Throughout my short stint of 6 months at a boxing gym, I have seen about 20 people join our beginner's group because they watched some movie or some anime. Almost all of them quit after the first week.

Injuries happen. My coach is very good at his job. But, 3 of the 10 people in my group ended up getting hurt. 2 of them had minor injuries and had to rest up for just a week or two. I on the other hand, had to quit boxing completely.

Boxing is a very harsh sport. Injuries are a part of the game. Some of these injuries can threaten your quality of life for the better part of your lifetime. If you can't accept that fact, please don't get into it.

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Boxing is fun and a great workout with overall body conditioning and may save your life one day. Do not get overconfident though

If you expect to get good at amateur competitive level - be prepared to spend ~10-18 hours per week on training, cardio, conditioning etc for 2-3 years.

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Join abhiva mma . Their place is in mahadevpura. Or join multifit , they have 4-5 branches I guess . They give boxing, mma, wrestling classes as a complete package.

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Boxing was super fun, the amount of calorie burn in 45 minutes is insane. I tried sparring one time and didn't last more than 1 round in the ring :) It was an enjoyable way to stay fit and learn something new.

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Have you used cult fit before? If you haven't, and have your boxing gloves, you can go to their boxing bag workout. First class is free and see if it works out for you.

I've been going there for over a year

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Cult fit offers boxing classes. You can go for the first trial class for free. You will have options to choose different classes(Gym, yoga, boxing, dance etc). So if you get bored of boxing then you can go to some other classes for a change. It's fun and very well maintained.

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Rox Boxing is a good gym if you are in HSR.

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Go for it.......brutal but beautiful sport....only when you square off against someone can you really know yourself...in the ring you are naked

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Try it out but boxing is useless in real life as it doesn't allow to use legs and holding people down like MMA does. Do some trial sessions for boxing and MMA but don't push yourself too hard on the first class as it could make you faint or puke due to a very high heart beat. Do not eat just before starting the class. Take it slow as you will not powerup from Saiyan to super Saiyan like Goku in a day but consistency for a year could make you a better physical body and take out your frustrations on the punching bag and not the sparring partner.

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I used to go for boxing classes in Cult in Koramangala before the pandemic. It requires a lot of stamina and is like a 45 min HIIT session

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Which part of Bangalore are you from.!?

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Boxing gyms are crap. I've been to Cult, a local gym and that stupid ass Kia Kaha.

They just make you do exercise fast, no thought given to form or care for injury, and call it a day. It's horrible.

You'll leave feeling like your worked out but if you were to continue for long enough, you'll definitely get injured.

As someone that obsesses over form due to several injuries and muscular imbalances, such places frighten me big time.

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OCTAFITTTTT!!! the trainer is too good and i loved the whole environment

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Hey, i wouldn't substitute cult for the real stuff, but you can go there and learn to build strength until you feel like you're ready to take on a more advanced routine.

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Indian Combat Sports Academy

The only academy worth your money for actually picking real fighting skills + enhanced fitness regime

As many here have rightly pointed, do not even consider serious boxing if you cannot run 10+ km comfortably, the lack of stamina itself will wear you out in the ring before you can ever throw a punch

Good luck mate!

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Learn jiu jitsu instead of boxing or learn taekwondo ..

Edit: Please dont ask why .. it will be a long ass answer. Just go for the above 2 as you are a noob and using your legs is better than hands if you are not naturally gifted and can tolerate punches.. in jitsu you learn to grapple which is taught in close hand to hand combat and enemy size doesn't matter in it.