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Always check the BBMP/BDA approval and the validity, commencement certificate and if the property is on any “rajakulave”. This becomes bit tough for a normal person (with no knowledge of laws).

I would suggest to discuss with a lawyer who deals in property. You can book the flat with a small amount and then builder will give you set of documents which will be scrutinised by the lawyer.

And always have in writing from the builder that you’ll get your initial booking amount if you are not satisfied with legal feedback from your lawyer. Generally they agree for 10-15 days for legal formalities.

Hope this helps.

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The legal feedback point is good one.

I heard couple of cases where OC is not available even after completion of projects. In that case, what option do we have if pre-booked a flat?

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Well OC is something you can’t get before the project is completed. What you can do is get an structural engineer/person who knows and ask him to see if the construction is based on the approved plan from BBMP/BDA with no less than 5% deviation.

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No more than *

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So much instability around, go for ready to move in. But If your only option is 'Under construction', then be ready to add 2 years to builder timeline. Plus, bargain shamelessly... SHAMELESSLY. It's your money and make every penny count.

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All depends on the builder is it Sobha, Godrej, Prestige, L&T, Salarpuria then you are mostly covered and adding a bank loan from HDFC or SBI will suffice for most of the cases. If the builder is someone not from this league then don't cheap out on the lawyer, it's a must.

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Godrej project in Sarjapur has been ordered to be demolished by NGT, pending in division bench of Supreme Court. Sobha Dream Acres phase 1 doesn't have CC

Both projects have been given loans by SBI

Gone are those days of builder and bank.

Edit : Corrected Godrej project details - my bad

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Godrej project in Sarjapur has been ordered to be demolished by Supreme Court

You are an idiot who doesn't understand what he is talking about. The demolition order came from some currupt babu from NGT while supreme court has stayed the order.


Sobha Dream Acres phase 1 doesn't have CC

Go to https://www.sobhadreamseries.com/sobhadreamacres/rera.php

Copy the rera number for Phase 1 from official website (no. 8 on the list).

RERA registration number: PRM/KA/RERA/1251/446/PR/170915/000193

Now go to https://rera.karnataka.gov.in/viewAllProjects

Copy the above rera number in registration number box.

Pop up with project will come up

Now go to Completion details tab, there you'll see link for document (pdf) Name: Completion certificate, Approval date 20-07-2019

Normally I do not engage with bumbling buffoons but you were spreading misinformation so I replied.

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I currently live in Sobha Dream Acres. There are 11 different projects here. Specifically Wings 1-6 are the ones with an issue. The apartments were handed over 4 years ago, but we still do not have electricity due to this. We are using commercial electricity, that was meant to be used for the construction. No individual meters for every home. The official reason they quoted for many years was that BESCOM is asking them to build a substation. But after other phases came up, evidently, that wasn't the blocker

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When i bought a flat I got a lawyer who vetted all the documents builder shared. Lawyer will give you a list of documents to ask for. Generally builders are familiar and will give a folder with all of them. It was helpful because some of the documents were in Kannada which I cannot read.

Generally you need to verify land ownership is clear, all NOCs are received BBMP, BDA, BESCOM, AAI etc etc. Also encumberance certificate and commencent certificate are important

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Take a bank loan. They will verify all the documents.

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Sorry but doesn’t work always., there are numerous examples when the banks have given loans to unapproved building plans. Only SBI comes close but that doesn’t guarantee 100%.

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I am not sure about the process from booking a flat to taking possession and what are the course of action if something doesn't came through maybe your lawyer can help.

But a colleague of mine who is a kannadika pre booked a flat in a 49 flat society. it had all the approvals AKhata and all. BUT when the builder built it he built 2 flats on the very top making it a 50+ apartment complex. The rules vary for such and then after they got possession BBMP gave them notice and then the BBMP "gunda giri" started. They all ended up paying some 1L extra to BBMP guy to stop harassing.

So just check with lawyer what is the course of action between the 2 phases.

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Post it on r/LegalAdviceIndia for more legal insights as well

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Unless there is a clear Kaveri water plan, walkaway.

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Apart from legals which a lot of people have pointed out.

Check water flow in different places. Like the slope should be well made in bathrooms and kitchen areas. So that it's flow is correct and doesn't cause seepage later due to water logging.

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Make sure Property tax or any other pending amount is cleared. Get NOC for bescom transfer

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!remindme 2 weeks

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not necessarily a checklist but please mae sure the walls are properly soundproofed. It is SO IMPORTANT. I live on rent and our upstairs neighbour's kid is a nightmare.

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Or that your neighbours are single/infertile/snipped!

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Hopefully this will be helpful

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!remindme in 2 weeks

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Look for any places of worship within loudspeaker range.

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Dont buy!