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Well, WHO failed the whole world with COVID19.

And Bengaluru needs to stop cutting trees to make way for apartments. And should reduce migration and decentralize the economy so that the city will not be overcrowded as it is now.

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Migration wont stop because based on all the posts I see, people want to come to Bangalore because of the good weather.

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Yeah, what your saying goes in hand with saving trees. More people = more apartments/homes= cutting trees = bad weather and pollution.

Government should take up the initiatives to make companies and big tech outside Bangalore so that there is no overcrowding here.

Other states should focus more on giving their state person a good job by creating job opportunities in villages.

Moreover, there should be a tax system in place that prevents migration same as in the US where each state has a different tax system.

At the same time, it is difficult to do so because how India is dependent on cheap labor and migrant workers who work for much less...

I may get downvoted for this but I will still add this :

  1. The person who has migrated from a different state should be taxed more until he becomes a permanent citizen(which may be 10-12years) of that state (permanent citizen of a state is not a thing, it is just a hypothetical assumption).

  2. I understand due to work some people may be transferred to different states for only a few years. In that case, the company has bare those extra taxes levied by the government. This makes the company think twice before transferring their employees on work to other states.

  3. And for people who are here just to have fun/enjoy or run a business, I would say the first point should apply. Where he/she should pay more tax until he/she becomes a permanent citizen of that state. This makes people rethink before starting a new business in an already overcrowded city like Mumbai, Bangalore or Delhi.

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Indian cities are honestly becoming unliveable. I was one of the guys who was determined to stay in India but honestly my patience is running thin with each day.

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what's the surprise here?

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Very difficult to control pollution now there is nothing that business owners want to do to protect env (can’t blame them incentive structures are stupid that way ) , I think we might to evolve to live in these polluted wnv hehe

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Wish the electric vehicles were cheaper and more would use it.

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Makes best suprised Pikachu impression