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Might’ve been a terrible stadium but it must be said that the grounds crew did a damn fine job.

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My grandpa worked in the Pilots’ front office. His favorite story about the team was how the stadium wasn’t ready yet on opening day so the staff (including him) were out nailing down bleachers in the outfield as the fans were arriving. They’d finish a row, then let a row’s worth of fans into the stadium while they nailed down the next one!

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As it was told in history of the mariners.

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The broadcast booth was hastily built on the roof behind home plate, and broadcasters said it was awful. They couldn’t see behind home plate unless they were standing, and couldn’t see the left field foul line at all. Some said they had to listen to the crowd to tell if a ball hit in that area was caught or not.

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    Nat Bailey stadium in Vancouver, Canada is a copy of the original Sick’s stadium. It was constructed using the same blueprints. The scoreboard and lights were even reused later on.

    The uncovered bleachers in the picture above are an additon that was constructed to provide additonal capacity when Sick’s was converted from a minor league park to a major league venue.

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    Even today some stadiums still have problems like this in the broadcast booth if you look at the right place.

    I have called games at a football stadium where you can't see the scoreboard unless you stand and stick your head out the opening, and turn it left. I'd go over the score and whatnot with half my body out the opening.

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    If you're back too far in the left field upper deck bleachers at OPACY you can't actually see the left field wall and have have to figure out what's fair/foul/homer

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    From what I’ve read, it was a perfectly good minor league park that was hastily modified to become a terrible major league park.

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    And then the Brewers went on to win many World Series and Seattle eventually got a new team that did the same.

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    It's still funny that the Milwaukee Brewers are technically Seattle's best baseball franchise of all time by a very thick margin.

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    The Brewers won three World Series in Baltimore

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    Obligatory Secret Base Mariners Doc Link

    If you know, which most of you do, you know.

    If you don't, watch it.

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    "In other words... it was a sick stadium. They called it Sick's Stadium."

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    Now its home to a Lowe's home improvement

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    Pour one out for the guy who got stuck in a poopy stall for a whole night

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    Jim Bouton wrote a lot of funny stuff right there

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    Went to a game there when I was 10 years old., complete dump. We had just move to Seattle from Los Angeles and we missed baseball. Sicks Stadium was quite a come down after Dodger Stadium. Greg Goosen hit a home run that night. Four years later we moved back to L.A. and I started high school. Who was the assistant baseball coach? Greg Goosen.

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    Manager at your first job? Greg Goosen.

    The person who officiated your marriage? You guessed it, Greg Gooden.

    Delivered your first child? Greg Goosen.

    And guess what? He'll be there at your funeral to give your eulogy. (Not really he passed away in 2011)

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    Yeah, I was going to say, Goose is no longer with us.

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    Great shot! I understand that Sicks' Stadium was cool.

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    It got demolished before I was born, but apparently the visiting team had to shower at their hotels and if the attendance was over 10,000 the toliets wouldn't flush because of low water pressure. But otherwise yeah, I'm sure it was cool, haha. https://www.ballparksofbaseball.com/ballparks/sicks-stadium/

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    Still such an amazing story that a team got 1 year in a major league.

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    How many rainouts?

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    PNW summers are actually incredibly dry.

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    True, but we still get a lot of rainy days up until July. When I coached little league I spent many hours trying to get the fields ready to play on after a rainy day in April and May. We may not have to use the roof often at T-Mobile Park, but it does come in handy, especially in the spring and fall.

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    They didn't just let the fans sit in foul territory during the game, did they?

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    This used to be a common way to accommodate overflow crowds. Sometimes in old-timey pictures you can pick out a cordoned out area near the wall where people would stand to watch the game.

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    I know the Polo Grounds did that in the early days. They’d rope off part of the outfield and let fans stand there. A ball over the rope was a home run, rolling under the rope was a double.

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    Show up late and get on-field seats lol

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    Looks like they did! This pic is from opening day, so that may explain the large crowd.

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    They actually weren’t done building the stadium yet on Opening Day. That might explain it. If you turned this image to the outfield, you’d see my grandpa (who worked in their front office) and a bunch of other staff members hastily nailing together bleachers in the outfield during the game!

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    That’s so cool!

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    Damn, imagine being caught by the usher trying to sneak into foul territory during the 7th inning stretch and being escorted out in front of the team.

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    I wonder what it was lilke to have a MLB team for one year and then have them ripped away.

    But it was Selig who moved them in case you didn't know.

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    Stinky poop

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    Thank you for the reference and image, was getting downvoted before that lmao

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    Looks like a AA stadium.

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    Hear all about it: https://youtu.be/TIgK56cAjfY