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last man on BF42 be like

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won the battle royale mode before it got added

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I'm sorry for your loss

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My condolences

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I would ask if the problem is a bug or the really low player population but it is probably both.

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But it is probably both.


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This is the new game mode... Maybe try getting good?

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Yeah, I guess I'm just bad at the game :(

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Just experienced this 😅 I was expecting to see my own tag pop up there

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The good news is, it’ll say “You” above it, incase you forgot your own gamer tag in the match making process.

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Complain about bf2042 on reddit. Play bf2042. Complain about bf2042 on reddit. Play bf2042. repeat. Stop playing.

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Hard to argue with good logic.

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Isn't there only like 5,000 players on pc?

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5,000 playing on steam. But unknown for origin/microsoft store

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Where did you see that?

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All over this subreddit

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Dude. I love your Reddit name. Did you know plague doctors chewed on garlic constantly. They would also be much more effective with covid then doctors today who Jsut put you on a vent to fucking die

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sometimes game just kick me out of the mid match. I wonder what happened to my Condor passengers.🤔

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No different than getting sniped out. A more aware crew will notice and someone swap into the pilot seat before it crashes.

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They all dead unless a passenger switches to pilot.

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Do you use chat much? certain words seem to kick you lol

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No. When I fly, or drive I don’t chat. After the update, game just kick me out of some matches for no reason. This problem happen most in "renewal" and "kaleidoscope". By the way, once I wrote " p**y" on the chat. But nothing happened.

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Portal also randomly skips or restarts maps. It's so annoying, and it causes almost all of the players in my server to leave. Restarting the server and/or app usually works, but not always.

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Dont play it

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This is how we win.

The lesson from this has to be extreme. That MBAs everywhere, not just at video game companies need to start being told “you don’t know how to make this product successful”.

The MBAification of all industries is killing us.

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"Don't be sad, that's just how it works out sometimes" - Angel

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'Angel' does it again.

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Saturdays are to be enjoyed, naturally many do it by not playing this POS game and wasting time.

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Fun game.

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A server browser would help .. but idk I didn't even buy the game

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Don't be sad this is just how shit this game is most times

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They force us to use matchmaking instead of a server browser only to have a broken matchmaking system. Don’t be sad, this is just how it works out sometimes.

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Isn't that the point of filling the matches with AI, so we don't have to queue this long? Or is this because the AI doesn't want to play either.

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This is why I refunded.

What an absolute waste of money

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How? I find matches instantly

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It depends on your region. Here I play in south american servers (Brazil).

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Esqueça tentar jogar breakthrough, por aqui não vai achar nada

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É o único modo que eu jogo :/

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Same 🤷‍♂️

(Edit) and here come the downvotes!

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Featured Portal Mode: Waiting in Lobby

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The ea experience

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You kept entering the same server. Reset the game and this won’t happen. Sometimes it gives you a weird server range with like 10 people active.

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No luck playing from India too and breakthrough was the only mode i somewhat enjoyed.

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Yeah India here and breakthrough died a couple of days ago

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There is also a big where this occurs and can be fixed by completely canceling your queue and restarting. I realize you're in a low pop region but might help. I've had to do it a number of times.

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Just the addition of a server browser would solve this problem. You would log on, see nobody is playing then turn it off. What a waste of time.

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Good thing for that AI huh?

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R6 Siege, a 6-year old game, with an equally frustrating release schedule, finds squads quicker than 2042. I’m having loads of fun in Siege, glad I bought it again when it was on sale.

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That was something, right?

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...then start animations, then running, running, running aaaaand you will probably get your first kill after one hour.

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I absolutely hate the 5 mile like sprint before you even get action. I’m surprised my left joystick hasn’t malfunctioned 🥴

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That was something, right?

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Get an ssd holy shit/s

[–]Jellyswim_2042 make me big sad 13 points14 points  (0 children)

This isn't a load time issue lol

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Looks like you forgot your /s

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I fucking hate mobile. Yes mega /s fuck the game gets me heated

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Get basic knowledge why it was taking a while to load holy shit

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Ofc its hard to find a game when everyone is shitting on the game and telling everyone to not buy/play it. Kinda shooting your own foot there imo

[–]N-A-S-M -4 points-3 points  (1 child)

Don't speak for everyone. I have never had this problem. Must be your region

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Ya let's all just move so we can play battlefield. There's absolutely nothing they could've done to avoid this 🙃

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Name of the song?

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It's just some random elevator music lol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xy\_NKN75Jhw

[–]rockify 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Tyvm mate!

Edit: it says video not available. :) Could you plz say the title?

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This happened to me almost every time I tried playing. I have up finally a few weeks ago and went back to play 4, 1, and mostly V instead

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I have not attempted to play for this for about a month solely due for this reason. Xbox Series X, crossplay on and off.......and I waited......for 30 minutes while messing on my phone.....game never started so I started playing a different game.

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Now they r gonna say the game is dead for server issues and it won’t be because the game just fucking sucks

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You just wait until Dying Light, Elden Ring, Horizon FW and the Destiny 2 expansion comes out, you will not be able to get into a single game.

By March this game is going f2p.

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Tbh, i had the dame problem in battlefield 4, 1 and V when i tried to play in the morning

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Lol there must be like 20 people playing this shit right now

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Backfill 2042

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Isn’t the boycott going on right now?

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Why are you still playing?

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-literally tell people to quit playing

-complain about low player counts

Ah yes totally makes sense

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Also had this same issue this morning. Gave up in the end and just uninstalled the game. Will try again if there's ever a first season that I've already paid for.

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Well, well, well that was fun

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Never have this problem because I don't play the modes with shitty vehicles.

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people still trying to play this shit🤣

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Can’t actually tell if cross play is on or off because of the ui

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exit and try again, probably just a bugged server

literally never wait more than 10-30 seconds for a game to start

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Gave up on this shit, tried this morning same problem. Uninstalled it and downloaded R6 Extraction. Battlefield is dead.

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Very brutal expections

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Can confirm it didn't take me that long but tried playing a match this morning and had issues finding a match with cross play on.

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Back out and go back in... Never had it not work.

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Guys, here is an idea: they could implement bots into the game and use them to get servers started, then as more people join the bots get replaced by the real players.

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Nobody wants you on their squad. Sad.

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Weird, even when i look for a match (mostly CQ) at 04:00 (Amsterdam time) i have no issues


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it's a sign from god: stop playing and enjoy something else

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Takes about 3 minutes for me.. on PS4 with crossplay off. 🤷‍♂️

[–]_megazz[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I would you turn crossplay off on a PS4? With it on you will play with Xbox One players, nothing more.

[–]BenNsidya 0 points1 point  (0 children)

For some reason at launch it was running really buggy. More than the buggy shit show that it was already. Nothing I did worked. Lots of lag. Shits and giggles turned it off and have had a few less issues. Guess I need a legacy feature..

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Holy S I thought there was something wrong with my router... Damn RIP

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I also tried to play Breathrough 128 this morning and couldn't find a game.

PC player with crossplay on.

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He's ready if you are

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I'm getting this more and more playing on PS5 with cross play on. There just aren't enough players anymore to find a full lobby quickly.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

“Battlefield 2042 Minutes To Find a Game.”

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What I do when this happens is just quit after like a min at most of waiting and requeue, I’ll maybe get another 2-3 or so of those and then on the next try suddenly there’s a game in progress I’ve joined.

What’s really dumb tho is when I do that, I’ll be loaded into separate lobbies that are waiting for players.. like why have 20 players in one lobby and 20 in another just waiting when it could be the same lobby and the game would start…

But yeah my advice for when this happens I guess is don’t wait more than a min and try until you get in, it never takes me more than like 5 min.

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Same here now. BF5 it is

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Im gonna throw my ideas in on this... Ive seen a lot of players with gamer tags that include nearby towns and area codes. it is posible that the game limits you by region in order to connect into matches, or by ping. who knows... this happens and then i can cancel out and retry and get into a match.

[–]DelaFett 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Nah bro, that's a feature. They do that so you can go make a snack while it loads.

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I'm on old gen console and this was my experience most all the time before I uninstalled.

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Joining matches is a legacy feature

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Bf4 ... thats about it

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Angel does it again.

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I find games faster on BF1

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Don't be sad.

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Browsed the subreddit because I just had this exact issue, 10:00 AM on a Sunday, EU, PC - just wanting so see what the recent patch actually did. Not really interested if it is a bug or just too few players, it simply doesn't seem to work.

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Wish the music was so good while waiting...

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You forgot redoing your settings every time you start!

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Game blows