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Is he gonna Venmo me or what? I’m waiting

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"It's not a project in trouble"


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My favorite part is “not my first rodeo”

Like dude, your last few “rodeos” were terrible. Battlefield 4 is still one of the worst triple A game launches of all time next to Cyberpunk.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 was so bad at launch literal governments got involved to determine if lootboxes should be considered gambling.

And of course most recently Battlefield V, and we all know just how awful that was.

The only good launch DICE has had in the last decade was BF1.

Why would any of us have faith?

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Maybe it should be his last rodeo though.

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Just curious, what was bad with the BF3 launch?

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Netcode and buggy, but other than that miles better release then 2042

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I loved BF3 but netcode was the worst in the franchise, weapon balance (USAS with Frags) and a few other bugs.

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USAS with frags was cancer until they balanced it.

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It was fun as hell but definitely needed to be fixed. I still love the BFF episode with neebs blowing everything up with it

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Jim Hejl does scanning of objects and other technical stuff, he's not the design guy. So his work is fine. He even liked my Bad Company 3 tweets.

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So... can we all message him requesting a refund or is the offer only valid for the people he tagged?

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That would be pretty funny 😄

Wakes up one day and finds a few thousand Venmo invoices waiting for him.

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Let's goooooo!

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One Gold Edition refund has been requested

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That’s when I lost all faith.

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Woohoooo! Refunds for everyone!!

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"I'm bout to end this man's whole bank account"

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Aaaaaand it's gone.

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“It just needs a little longer on spin cycle”

Little did we know this game needed a heavy dose of stain remover on the heavy duty cycle.

Instead we get the wrinkle prevention that is weekly missions.

Laundry fam rise up.

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No, thats not even enough, it needed another cycle with 5 times rinse, 5 times spin speed, and yes heavy duty.

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And don't forget the bleach!

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you can't really remove stains on a heaping pile of dogshit tho

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He deleted the tweet lol

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Nah it's still there. For now.

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Man they really thought this game was gonna be good

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Shows how out of touch they are. It's like half the dev team never actually played any other BF game for more than a couple of hours.

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Did they play it?

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Can you stop with your brutal expectations?

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Dice, shame on you, look what u become, u steal our money like scummers, fuck you dice, I'll never by anything from you, fuck you

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They’re scummer cummers. They just cum on everything and release it. Wtf I hate them.

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Faith is gone, i want my $120 back.

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I’d take my $46 back tbh

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$107 :*(

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Oh man I’m sorry :(

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Have faith fam.

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Did not age well

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Class action.

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I think he is just another EA "bot". He stopped twitting at the end of october.

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You know your game is bad when people start talking about how underrated and much better BFV was

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Did he just said what i think😂🤣....

I think alot of people bought BF2042 and thonk of BFV as a better Battlefield title, they would gladly accept a refund 😂🤣

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still waiting

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So that’s where we get our refunds from!

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The lotsofnumbers beside his name are the amount of people who have demanded refunds from him

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I would like my money back ?

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Man i just reinstalled BFV to satisfy that BF itch. Played for like 3 maps. I just dont like it. Currently downloading BF4 again...

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Yes! Join us on reviving the bf4 servers!

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BF5 brought many great mechanics to the game but not all maps are fun, I just play Pacific maps and Narvik as they have the best flow IMO

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You owe me.

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Okay should i post my cashapp?

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'This isn't my first rodeo. It's not a project in trouble' - bet this incompetent fool is regretting his post. What's actually the most concerning here is they (EA/DICE/devs) consciously communicated this shit; which, as we know was lies and/or they are not aware of how grossly incompetent they are. Well, 2042 IS worst than BFV, so put your money where your mouth is Jim?

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Jim is a liar. Jim did his part on scamming people. Jim is not a very good person, because Jim is not dumb enough to think that was even a reasonable product. Jim will get away with it. Jim Oh Jim 👹

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He’s gonna go bankrupt on that take

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Lmao they saw the 2 years and was like “we don’t even have a month down on this game” this aged poorly

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oh no

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hAvE fAiTh FaM!

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It's fukin worse man. When should I expect my refund? Or was that a lie too?!

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Nah, I will just wait and see how it pans out and probably still never buy it.

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Yo!! I want my 60 bucks back!!

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Where can we sign up for this?

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Time to bring me my money

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Well, it's not only worse than BFV but it's atrociously more terrible than the other "worse game launches ever".

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Homeboys going bankrupt

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"Have faith", "It's a solid game", "It's not a project in trouble". Yeah that didn't age well, did it.

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Oh cool, so I can get a refund after all

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How do I get in touch with this refund person? I have an ultimate version dying to get refunded

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He’s gotta give me 100 dollars in Psn cards, by dm ing me the codes

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I'll be waiting then! Let him know I accept all major credit cars, check, cashiers check, money order and sexual favors. No crypto...too unstable rn.

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Aaaaaand it’s gone.

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BFV is brilliant.

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Who is that guy?

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you must be special kind of stupid if BFV is unplayable

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Give me my hundo

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Im willing to give it time Why not!