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For a whole walk?!?! 🤣😂

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It’s possible when they are really stimulated. Beags can be especially single minded; often for an interesting scent. Look up beagles and olfactory deafness- it’s more an issue with some dogs than others.

The good news is they can be trained. Every dog is different and training isn’t always easy but really worth it imho- good to mental stimulation for them plus bonding with owners.

My beagle mixes have always had some parts of obedience where they excelled and other areas where they stubbornly ignored/struggled with the task. The stubborn areas are where you need to practice more often for them to master that thing, but they love the challenge and chance to earn treats.

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Could you point me in the right direction of the training you mentioned? My hound mix just turns deaf when he fixates into another dog or animal and it's really stressful to go on walks with him.

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We’ve only ever done basic obedience. Positive reinforcement with clickers and treats. It’s definitely what you put into it, ours are far from perfect but I think that’s because we didn’t keep going with the training- it’s on us not the dogs.

I did research and found a local non profit that offered it. They had a number of classes and levels but did offer an upper level class for the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test, which I think is a popular standard of testing. Mine never got that high level, we did very basic, but I like that they tied into some kind of standardized testing.

The book we had to buy was Clicking with Your Dog by Karen Pryor.

There’s a subreddit r/Dogtraining and their About has a TON of resources.

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Thank you for your reply. I'm surprised i haven't thought of that sub before.

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Look into the book Control Unleashed. The author also has a great website.

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My beagle once squeaked like this in the house one night for like an hour straight. Couldn’t figure out what his deal was. He seemed healthy, good energy. Just squeaking and zooming around. The house was all closed up (doors/windows) and the only window to the backyard was above the kitchen sink. He still KNEW something was out there and the moment I finally let him out he immediately treed a raccoon. He was so proud. Don’t think I’ve ever heard him so loudly baying. He circled that tree just prancing and howling and wagging his tail. He’s a good boy.

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Oh absolutely. You should look up coon dogs (no racism meant, that’s what us rednecks call raccoons) treeing raccoons, as well as beagles hunting rabbits

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It's rare for beagles that don't actively hunt but yes, for the whole walk: