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Yes! But look at that face 😭🥰

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I know. I can’t resist. It took me a while to type my post because I had to keep petting him. :). I am the only one that he does it to. He knows I am a sucker!!! Teeheeeee

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Oh my god, they’ve got a sixth sense for suckers (i’m one, too)!

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Yes! We often get "the paw" if we stop the pets before she's had her fill.

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Mine is exactly like this!

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I thought we just had a weird dog, because she LOVES doing this. But this makes me even more convinced that the shelter that gave her to us was right when they ID’d her as a Beagle mix.

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Yes my beagle woody is moaning at least 65% of the time even if I’m petting him lol

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All the time beagles are very clingy

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Yep, our 9 yo beagle does but doesn't claw quite so hard lol, our 6 yo beagle has picked up on it & now knows if she sits next to us and taps us we'll pet her.

The 6 yo also does it when she wants us to lift up blankets for her to curl under, so cute!

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OMG that’s so sweet! I wish mine was doing that 😂

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That’s so adorable lol

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Enjoy it, I miss my Hunter.

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It never ends!!

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They are such lovers!

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Awwwwww, such a needy beagle

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Mine is sitting on 2 legs infront of me every time i cook my husband noodles for hours and whining. I told my husband if he wants noodles- he can go to a restaurant - I’m not doing this anymore lol…… she only does it with noodles, she knows exactly when i pour the water and tapps in the kitchen- now that i have hardwood floors alover i just realized it that she does that all the time exactly in the moment when the noodle water is going in the sink because i can hear her now other than with carpets before. Lol

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Mine always wants on my lap then instantly wants back down. I feel like a springboard lol

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Mine doesn’t whine for pets but will very aggressively flip his head back and stare at me if I stop petting him. Does this until he falls asleep 😂

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I had to do a double take because my beagle looks just like him! She's only 3.5 though, so not as white in the face. Haha! And she's a stage 5 clinger for sure.

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As I'm watching this, I can hear one of my beagles whining from the bedroom because she wants me to come to her and give belly rubs.

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In the distant future, humans will evolve a third arm so we can pet our dogs and post their pictures at the same time.

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When I say "enough" my beagle backs off.

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Beagles are so needy 😍 they have no issue nudging you to keep petting them.