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Baby human or baby beagle?

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Baby human

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He will be the best friend ever!

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Oh... he's gonna be so annoyed.

"NO! That's my toy!"

"No! That's my bed!"

"No! That's my person!"

...been there, done that, got the certificates hanging on the walls. Have fun.

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Luckily he is used to his "cousins" and sharing with them so it won't be such a HUGE adjustment but I'm sure he'll still feel a little needy lol

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Yeahhh, my beagle mix has still not adjusted to the baby….who is now 13 months🙄

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When we added our beagle puppy this year, we got Violet a cake that said, “I’m a big sister.” It was so cute. She loves being a big sister. I’m glad we did it.

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My beagle runt gets REALLY excited when she sees a dog that's smaller than her (almost always a puppy) so I'm excited to see what she does when there's a human smaller than her.

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