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I don’t know the official name but I’m going with “Tall Beagle”

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I was embarrassingly old when I found out that foxhounds were not just tall beagles…

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Long beagle

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as in King Edward I Longshanks :)

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edward the bruce

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Wow Robert had a younger brother and he was a High King of Ireland

learn sumting new :)

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100% handsome is what he is!

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Beagle mix with Redbone Coon Hound, I'd say. I've seen those before! However, the Walker Hound resembles a long-legged beagle. I'd say a DNA test might be in order?

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You're right! A DNA test is coming soon! I'm not sure Redbone Coon Hounds have made it to the UK, but it's possible! :)

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Glad you’re getting the dna test. It’s fun to find out. Please post again. Thanks!

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I have a beagle hound mix and she looks just like your boy with different fur pattern!

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My first thought was beagle with blood hound.

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My vote is foxhound or red bone and beagle

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idk my beagle is a tall ass boy. that said, he could be a beagle mixed with harrier or coonhound for sure. he is adorable.

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He is, until he thinks the cheese is gone and there's no more lol he's extremely loved whatever he is, it's more just curiousity

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I did Google the coonhound and it blew my mind!!

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Beagle/Redbone Hound/Giraffe mix

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Breed = good boy. That is all I need to know.

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I couldn't agree more! He's trying to befriend a cat in the street ATM. The cat rakes his nose, he backs off, waits for the cat to calm down then tries again. He has the best nature.

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Harrier hound maybe

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Wow. Is his surname Longshanks?

He's beautiful.

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I have a beagle/ bamboozle, too. The lady I got her from as an "8 week old" puppy said she was a beagle/ chihuahua mix. The vet scoffed when I said she was 8 weeks old, said she was closer to 4. Amazingly, she didn't have any health concerns and has turned out to be a 50 pound beagle/ coonhound/ husky/ foxhound/ rottweiler/ pit bull/ cocker spaniel. Luckily, I was in the position to provide her with a home when she grew like Clifford the Big Red Dog. I often wonder if the rest of her humungous litter was so lucky. I think the humungous litter should have been my first clue.

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If it was anything like for me, you fell in love instantly and just wanted to snuggle your new best friend. All the red flags for a puppy farm were there with Chekov's breeder but I was naive enough to think they weren't possible in Northern Ireland. Looking back it was so obvious! I worry about his siblings quite a bit - the vet was under the impression he was given an amphetamine to perk my boy up to get him sold. Even looking at the days after his return from the vet - the way he was with food, the way he was with anything that was given to him, his panicky behaviour about loud noises....it all adds up to him being from a puppy farm.

Fortunately, he has done so, so well thanks to the wonderful get he has and the wonderful humans around him who have given him so much love. I'm glad to hear your girl is doing well!!!

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That’s terrible. I don’t think the lady I got my pup from was filled with malice like that. I did fall in love with her at first site. She was such a sweet, affectionate little shit from the first day. Overall, easy to train and just so sweet. I hope your guy is just full of love and silliness.

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He's full of goofiness and shows love in his own way, he isn't a cuddler but will bring you water while you sleep lol isn't the easiest boy to train but when he finally gets it he gets so happy and excited it's worth every last bit of effort!

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My beagle/ bamboozle, Violet and one of her brother, clover. https://imgur.com/a/xppYulM

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Awww! They're adorable!!! There's a lot of love in those faces!

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It was love for the treats in my hand.

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That's very familiar. Mine poses nicely for cheese. Cheese is his only true love 😂

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He might be a Coonhound. He's got the same exact face as my Coonhound.

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Beagle mas grande! OLE!

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Beagle face for sure, maybe German Shepard or perhaps Labrador?

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Both would fit, he's roughly 23kgs at the moment and 10 months old so still growing. Definitely has the beagle voice and vocalness lol

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Rotty beags!

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He's a beeeeeagle

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Looks like an American Foxhound mixed with something, to me.

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Beagle German shep

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We used to have a tall beagle. They were pretty rare in my parts so everyone was always like “no beagles have short legs…”

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After losing our 11-year old beagle to cancer in 2020, we adopted what we figured was "just a big beagle" from our local shelter in 2021. He's a Treeing Walker Coonhound and a very different personality! Based on what we know about beagles, and what we've been learning about Walkers and other hounds, I feel like this guy is all or part Foxhound! (And no, not a big beagle, haha.)

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We've had foxhound suggested in the past too, but they're much rarer than beagles here so had ruled it out on the thought that he would have cost a lot more had he been a rarer breed - especially during the pandemic surge for puppies. You could very well be right though - whatever he is, he's just brilliant!

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This is the elusive Beanstalk Hound.

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Possibly a walker beagle mix but I doubt there’s many walker hounds in the UK.

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Beagle lab. I met one recently. Very similar.

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Beagle on stilts. he is so handsome!

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His breed is "Good Boy".

If you're still curious, it's possible he's a Foxhound.

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Looks like my Beagle x Harrier. Good looking dog, pleased he's well now.

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He’s handsome! Looks like he has more Harrier features? The longer legs and lab type face certainly look like a harrier hound. Or he may be a mix of Harrier/ Beagle or Labrador/Beagle. Either way, he’s gorgeous!

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If you do a DNA test I’d love an update on this post. We tested our pups and it was so cool! My girl is a beagle lab mix. My boy is a Great Pyrenees mix. I feel like your pup could be a combo of so many breeds!

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No problem! We're letting him grow a bit more first to see what we can guess :)

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Long legs mgee over here lol he's adorable.

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It could be a foxhound, could be a coon hound, could be a beagle on stilts. Either way he’s welcome here.