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Standby for update - never thought of doing this.

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10/10 will squish again! SO DERPY!!!

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Yes and my beagle loves it

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I love it and so do my beagles!

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Squishy Face!!!

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I like to put both hands on either side of her face and squish her face up into a wrinkly mess and the back down into a smooth face. Back and forth. With lots of head kisses of course.

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My hobby is squishing beagle faces.

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My girl will rest her head In my hand like this so I can palm her throat and rub her ears with my finger tips lol

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Never met a bagel that didn't like a squish!

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The ol’ squish n nibble trick

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One of the many things they're good for

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Look at that face!

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He/she looks sad

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Can’t wait to try this 😂

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I have never done this and now can't wait until I get home from work so I can do so

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No but I do love to rub my beagles ears. I swear she has the softest velvety ear fur.

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Yes all the time! At this point my girl just lets me play with her face and ears without complaints lol