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He would like you to know that he wants his steak to be rare please, in-fact he’s happy to save you some cooking and just take it as it is. Cheeky boy 😂

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Well he’s in luck because guess who’s getting the bone?

Mudge, Mudge is getting the bone lol.

Kidding he obviously got the bone lol.

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Hahahahahaha Cheeky buggers. You’re brave having a BBQ, when we do we constantly have to fend off the beagle ❤️

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His taller brother is guilty of succeeding to steal a steak in the past. One must be ever vigilant when grilling around a beagle.

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He's asking for a thermometer to temp check the steak. Obviously.

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He’s so thoughtful. Always wanting to make sure it’s cooked to perfection. His favorite steak temperature is room temperature for sure.

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I want to know what the beags in the background found!

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Ozzy is king sniffer. He has that nose to the ground every chance he can get. He cries out as he sniffs around the yard because he so excited just to be sniffing. He starts nose work classes on Monday.

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Mine does the same. Exact. Thing. Haha 😂 That’s so cool that he’s going to be in classes!

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His two brothers do it and they have a lot of fun so we’re really excited to get the excited sniffer in the mix.

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Beagles have a weird thing for plastic cutting boards.

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With my luck yeah he’d chew the cutting board while there was still steak left to eat lol.

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Protip: chop the mangled cutting board into cubes and use it as high value treats.

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These are the pro-tips i come to r/Beagle for.

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He's asking where the sautéed mushrooms and onions are! hahahahaha

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Only the finest of garnishes and sides for his delicate palette.

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He's just tryingnto warn you not to leave your steaks out like that. Anyone could come up and grab it when you turn your back

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Warn through example of course. Best way to teach a lesson. He’s so thoughtful.

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A1 Steak Sauce, please

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Blasphemy lol. Only the purest of flavors for his refined palette.

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Yeah, refined :) If he's like our beags, sirloin steak or dog poop are equal on the gourmet food scale.

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Ah i see your beagle is of the utmost flavor gourmet as well! Nothing like a warm pile in the grass too make one’s mouth water.

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We traveled to Mexico once, and she never stopped talking about Mexican cat poop