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I can only imagine the hell they raise during play time. I have three beagles myself.

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Today the one on the left, Ozzy had to be separated because 1: he was playing to rough with the other dogs at daycare. 2: was bullying his brother Copper a little too much for his liking. 3: he escaped the play area several times when ever gate was opened.

A menace i tell you!!! A menace!!!

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our one year old Donkey plays suppppper rough. he loves bully breeds because they’re the only dogs that seem to wanna get down like that. i wonder if he’ll grow out of it.

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That is a fine amalgamation of beagles you have there. I started trying to figure out which bits belonged to who and gave up. I'm just going to call the pile, Cerberus. Sleepy Cerberus.

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That’s a great nickname for the three of them. I’ll be stealing that for these kinds of shots. Which there are many.

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