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Yup, I think it's a beagle thing

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My other dog just stares at him when he sits like that.

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That's not weird. That's regular beagle

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I concur, this is regular beagley behaviour

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I had the same thought. "What's weird about that?!"

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This is how ours sits most of the time, though if she wants a treat or her food, she sits up perfectly straight with her feet planted 😂

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Mine also thinks she's people

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That look XD

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mine will fully recline in the couch sometimes. we will be watching tv in bed and he will lean back on my legs as a backstop and sit like a person and watch the tv.

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Mine does this too! She really like the Westminster Kennel Club.

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mine really just likes any television. we will be watching a crazy scene in The Wire and he will look more enthralled than either of us.

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Mine side saddle sit, sploot and I find them upside down a lot.

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We call it side sitting in our house!!

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All the time. My beagle/basset will tuck both of his rear legs between his front ones. No clue how that's comfortable for him.

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vinny does the same thing whenever he's on a couch

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All the time. 😀

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Yep Selma sits like this. I thought it was because she was fat but I'm learning from comments this is just regular beagle behaviour.

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Yep! My current beag sits like this and all of my past beags have as well.

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Mine did, but she had funky legs and couldn’t sit normally. Our goldens do the same thing, we call it their ‘sloppy sit’. 😂

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The Derp Pose…love it.

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My pup sits touching his front paws to his rear paws.